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Alternative Therapies For Dogs

The type of treatments that are available for your dog are expanding. There are a wide range of alternative therapies that can help your dog to recover from a range of health conditions. These therapies can also be carried out even if your dog is fit and well to help them maintain overall good health.

There are contrasting opinions about the following alternative therapies. Whether they help your dog or not will depend on the circumstances. It’s definitely worth considering alternative therapies to help your dog feel more comfortable. It’s best to keep an open mind and try a few different therapies to see which ones your dog responds to.

Alternative therapies often focus on a holistic approach and claim that they are complementary treatments that can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Here are five different alternative therapies that are proving popular with pet owners at the moment.

Canine massage

Massage can have a similar impact on dogs as it does on humans. It helps to increase circulation, relieve pain, boost the immune system and eases aches and pains. Canine massage also leaves your dog feeling extremely relaxed and can help with stress and anxiety.


You might not think it but most dogs tolerate acupuncture quite well. Acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine for around 3,500 years. It can help with a wide range of health issues such as pain, hip dysplasia and digestive issues. Traditional acupuncture therapists claim that it stimulates blood flow and the flow of energy forces that nourishes tissues as well as enhancing the systems of the body.

Herbal treatments

Animals in the wild will choose to consume specific herbs when unwell. They select these herbs because they instinctively know they will help. Herbal treatments use natural products such as herbs and spices to cure and relieve a range of different health issues.


Homeopathy stimulates the body’s response to illness. It encourages it to heal by administering a very small amount of a substances that causes the illness a dog is experiencing. The idea behind homeopathy is ‘like cures like’.


Reiki uses spiritual healing to bring health and wellness to your dog. It’s an extremely gentle and non invasive treatment and it’s an excellent way of getting your dog into a relaxed state. It involves very gentle physical contact with the dog and is particularly good for treating anxiety, pain and also behavioural issues.


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