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Advantages of Dog Beds

For many families, their dogs are seen as a genuine family member. As such, your dog deserves the same level of respect you would give to your human family members. Dogs naturally seek to sleep on elevated levels, so they are usually not keen to sleep on the floor. However, having your dog sleep in your bed can be disruptive to any romantic relationship you may have. Therefore, the ideal solution is to provide your dogs with suitable .

If you are concerned about the appearance of your home, there are many designer Dog Beds available. These are able to reflect your home furnishing tastes, as well as your dog’s personality. The dog bed will also stop your bed from becoming covered in shed dog hair and maintain an overall level of household hygiene.

In past decades, outdoor dog houses were preferred over dog beds, but the increase in the popularity of dogs has led many to believe that leaving your dog outside is cruel. As a result, most people nowadays would prefer to keep their dogs indoors at night. Having your dog inside adds a level of security to your home, knowing that your pooch is never far away when you need him.

If you are often on the go with your dog, you will be glad to hear that there are also dog beds intended for travel available. These either inflate or simply roll out to provide a comfortable resting spot for your beloved dog.

If you have a shy dog, or your dog is a toy breed, you may want to consider investing in a covered dog bed. Dogs love having a little home of their own. This also provides your dog with privacy, in case they are easily scared or disturbed. These typically look like a small house or tent and are made of fabric.

For the ultimate luxury, you can opt for a raised dog bed. These look like the beds you are used to seeing at human furniture stores with four legs and a raised mattress. You can even get special four poster dog beds, if you really want to spoil your dog.

For older and frail dogs, you could invest in a soft nesting bed and a self heating thermal cushion. Nesting beds are usually made of plush material and feature a small raised “wall” on the rim for your dog to snuggle up against.

If you have a very active dog, or if you live in a warm climate, you can also getting cooling dog beds. As the name suggests, this a type of bed that will help your dog cool down, if they have a thick coat of hair or simply have trouble cooling down in the hot weather.


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