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Adorable Stories Of Dogs At Weddings

It’s not often that dogs receive an invite to their owners’ weddings, but when they do the story of the day often revolves around them.

Whether they’re used as the photographer, ring bearer or even have a wedding themselves, most stories are adorable and bring happiness to their owners on such special days.









A husky photographer

 Instead of hiring photographer for their wedding, one American couple entrusted their dog to film the whole occasion on a GoPro camera.

Josh and Addie Burnette, let their husky Ryder film from their special day from his perspective when they married a year ago in Tennessee. And a snowy setting meant for the ideal environment for their canine.

During the clips, the pooch can be seen wading through knee-high snow, as the couple from Nashville did to get to their reception. Following the ceremony, the video continues with the celebration at the couple’s house, where life-long memories of their children and toasts to the happy couple can be seen.

The canine photographer persisted through the cold occasion, and his owner told of how well he managed the job. Bride Addie Burnette tells “Ryder did a pretty great job, we’ve had several comments that she did better than most hired wedding videographers.”


Pooches Elvis and Bella’s wedding

 Shiatzus Elvis and Bella tied the knot on their romance back in July last year, where owner Alma Padillia spent over £2,000 on the ceremony.

‘Belvis’, as they are otherwise known, were spoilt rotten on the day with a meal including a three-tier wedding cake made solely from their favourite doggy treats.

The parents of two litters so far, attending their special day at Dogs Country Club in Lowton, Greater Manchester and are believed to be ‘destined for lives together’.

Their owner reportedly wanted to give her pooches the wedding she could never have, yet did not find it easy to organise. She told the , “it was a beautiful day but very stressful for me because I have to make sure my babies had their dreamy doggy wedding”


George the French Bulldog

 An unlikely hero was to deliver the wedding rings on Laura and James Russell’s special day back in February this year.

The groom’s best man is said to have cleverly set up a video which saw George the French Bulldog getting suited and booted for the occasion, before carrying the rings from their hotel to the venue.

However, the couple did add that they had originally come up with the idea for the day, and persuaded their best man Craig Rhodes to set up the act.

A comical production which sees the pooch sleeping in his pyjamas in bed, running along the Cornish coast and entering the hotel, the video has since seen more than 7 million views on Facebook, a viral phenomenon.

Laura and James, who are originally from Stockport in Greater Manchester, travelled to St Ives with their canine companion to celebrate their special day. Although the hotel needed persuasion, they finally let the dog attend the ceremony, and we’re sure they’ll be reaping the benefits of the free viral promotion!


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