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Accessories For Your Cat

If you want to spoil and pamper your cat then stock up on some accessories. Get your cat a brand new collar or some fun toys to play with. There are so many different accessories to choose from that it is sometimes hard to decide what they really need. It depends on what your cat enjoys the most and what they need to keep them happy. Here are some great accessories you can get for your feline friend.


There are lots of different collars to choose from velvet to leather and soft weave materials. Pick a collar that suits your cat.


Bells can be used as a glamorous accessory for cats or as a safety measure. You will be able to hear your cat coming and keep track of where it is with bells.


Most people don’t take their cats out for walks but if you fancy going for a stroll with your kitty all you have to do is by a cat lead.

Grooming Products

Everyone assumes it is only dogs that need grooming but cats need grooming too. Invest in some grooming accessories and special brushes to get rid of excess hair and keep your cat’s coat looking at it’s best.

Interactive Toys

If you want your cat to get rid of some energy and enjoy themselves then get some fun interactive toys. Cats need a certain amount of mental stimulation and interactive toys can provide them with this.

Cat Water Fountain

Cats seem to like drinking out of water fountains and when they do they drink much more water than they would from their bowl. Treat your cat to a water fountain to make sure they stay hydrated.

Cat Bedding

You can pamper your cat and make them feel cosy by getting them some luxurious cat bedding. You can get comfy rugs, warm beds and cat friendly blankets to keep them nice and warm.

Scratching Posts

Most cats will be used to using a scratching post and they can spend hours playing with them. reduce the chances of your cat scratching your furniture as their attention is focused elsewhere.

Cat Perfume

Want your cat to smell fresh? Pick up a cat friendly perfume that you can use to keep them smelling nice and clean.


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