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Acana Dog Food Leftovers?

I go for a run every day in an attempt to keep fit but it can be tedious treading the same pavements every day. It was much more fun when I had my neighbour’s dog for company. Charlie loved to run with me but eventually became too old to tag along. My outings with Charlie were reduced to walks in the park and sadly Charlie then passed away. He wasn’t my dog but I miss him all the same.

A New Kitchen

Charlie’s passing was followed almost immediately by major house improvements. My neighbour decided to revamp her kitchen and new units were simply not enough. She knocked down two walls to create a fabulous space and I was very keen to see the results. I wandered over to tour the new kitchen which was impressive but I was sad to see Charlie’s Acana Dog Food in the pile of things removed from the old utility room.

Don’t Waste the Dog Food

I decided that I needed to wage a concerted campaign to persuade my neighbour to find a new dog. My first tactic was to suggest that it was a shame to waste all that Acana dog food that clearly had kept Charlie fit into his old age. The dog was still running four miles with me until a year before he died. My neighbour agreed that she needed a new dog but felt that it was too soon. I muttered something about dog food and use by dates which was pathetic straw clutching at best! Persuading someone that they need food for their dog is one thing but arguing that they require a dog for their food is quite another!

A New Running Mate

A week later I came home from the supermarket to find my neighbour on her drive and took the opportunity to raise the dog issue once more. This time she was more amenable to the idea. It turned out that she had been looking at puppies online. This was promising. I might yet have a new running mate.

A Different Kind of Poo

I was envisaging an athletic dog that would motivate me to run further. A Husky would be ideal or a Dalmatian. I have been considering a husky for myself but with four holidays booked and a huge workload the timing isn’t right.
My neighbour informed me that she had decided that the perfect dog would be a Cavapoo. A cava what? I had never heard of this breed. I am familiar with cockapoos and absolutely adore them so the poo bit sounded promising! It turns out that a Cavapoo is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Poodle cross. I looked at a few pictures and the dogs looked gorgeous but perhaps not athletic!

It looks like I will walking a Cavapoo in the near future and that the Acana dog food will get eaten after all. I will have to see about the running. Cavapoos look a little small to keep up with me for four miles but I am going to try it!


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