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A Handbag Made out of a Dead Cat

A Handbag Made out of a Dead Cat – Is it Fur Real?


A taxidermist in New Zealand was shocked last week when her worked sparked a great deal of controversy. It is difficult to understand her surprise. On the basis that it is hard to do anything without upsetting someone, making a handbag out of a dead cat was always going to cause a furore! Especially as she had found the cat dead in the road.

Roadkill Cat


Taxidermist Claire Third had found a ginger cat dead in the road and thought that it would make a good handbag because it had an appealing face. She had kept the frozen roadkill in her freezer for three months before deciding what to do with it.


Following the inevitable outcry, Claire Third attempted to justify her artwork. She explained that she chose to make the handbag because the cat’s body was already squashed! This comment probably didn’t help her case!


Stuffing It


The story came to light when the Taxidermist put the handbag up for sale in an online auction. When the compliants started pouring in, she reduced the starting price to just $1. She said "People said I'm profiting off a cat so I reduced the price to a dollar to tell them to stuff it." Pun intended, presumably!


The handbag was advertised as "A one off purse that will grab attention wherever you go." It certainly gained a great deal of attention when the auction started and eventually sold for $545 (£306). Third had christened the cat Tom. How original!


She was stunned when the backlash started and commented that "There are some really weird people out there". Really? Apparently walking around with a dead cat on your arm is no different to sitting on a leather sofa.


Carefully Chosen Words


The auction listing attracted over 200 comments online. Some called the handbag "disgusting". The argument certainly gave the outraged complainants a wonderful opportunity to pull out their finest puns. "Ha, you gotta be kitten me," was one observation.


The bag took 300 hours to complete. In the light of that information, the sale price starts to look less impressive. Especially as it has transpired that the taxidermist held on to Tom for 7 years before finally deciding to list him the auction. If she had kept him for much longer he would have been an antique! Ms Third has worked on variety of animals but receives a lot of cats as the feral cats in New Zealand are often culled to protect the wild bird population.


Cat Handbags - A New Trend?


With all of those dead cats to work with, perhaps Claire Third is about to start a new trend. Although judging by the reaction to her handbag, perhaps not.


Would you carry a handbag made out of a dead cat or is this extreme form of fashion simply a step too far?


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