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A Day In The Life Of A Cat

Want to know what cats get up to on a daily basis? Cat owners will know this routine inside out and can normally list all the things their cat likes to do. If you are thinking of getting a cat and wondering what they can add to your life then it’s useful to get an insight into their daily routine. Obviously all cats are slightly different but in general there are a few things that all cats like to do on a daily basis. Here are some things cats like to do every day.

Lounge Around

This is probably one of their top things to do, spend the majority of the day lounging around and relaxing. It’s a hard life when you are a cat!


Cat’s absolutely love to sit back and soak up some rays. They will find the only spots in the house with a bit of sunlight and get their daily dose of vitamin D.

Scratch/Sharpen Claws

There probably won't be a day that goes by without your cat doing some sort of scratching. Cat’s will scratch at doors, furniture and scratching posts for long periods of time. They just adore sharpening their claws and indulging in a bit of scratching.

Play Fight

If you have two or more cats then you will probably be used to them spending a lot of time play fighting. Cat’s enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with their feline friends.


When it comes to mealtimes your cat will try and pressure you into feeding them with a cute face and some constant meowing. Eating is an important part of their daily routine as well as getting some tasty treats throughout the day.

Go Exploring

Unlike dogs, cats are allowed to wander the streets and go wherever they fancy. Cats will spend part of the day exploring the local area and going for a leisurely stroll.


Some cats can be very active, but most cats love to sleep. They might try and squeeze in a few power naps throughout the day.

Get Petted

Most cats simply adore being petted and stroked and will get as much attention as they can. However, some cats are a little more independent and will only accept the occasional stroke.

Go Hunting

Cat owners will be used to their kitty bringing back some small animals they have caught. A lot of cats like to go out hunting and even though they get fed perfectly good cat food they feel the need to occasionally catch their own food.

Play With Toys

Part of a cat’s day will probably be spent playing with toys, or chasing after toys that owner’s dangle in front of them. You can get lots of different toys for your cat to keep them entertained and give them a bit of mental stimulation throughout the day.


In order to impress other cats and keep themselves clean cats often like to indulge in a bit of personal grooming.

Defend Territory

Recent research by the BBC has confirmed that cats are quite territorial but they seem to timeshare territory to avoid confrontation. They also often visit each others houses and have the occasional squabble.


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