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Ho To Clean A Dog After A Muddy Walk

When it’s been raining for weeks, and the ground is very wet and boggy, dog walks can be a challenge. Dog owners also worry about when they return how they are going to get all that mud off their dog. Some dogs love to roll in the mud, which means they get absolutely covered in the stuff. We tell you how to clean a dog after a muddy walk!

Other dogs have long coats that easily pick up water, mud, dirt and debris from the ground as they walk. Cleaning your dog after muddy dog walks can be a big challenge. Here are some helpful tips to get your dog clean as quickly and as easily as possible.

Be prepared

The last thing you want to do is get back from a dog walk with a filthy dog and have nothing to clean them with. Before you set off for your winter dog walks, make sure you have a towel laid out for when you get back. Get the hose out ready, or a bucket to fill with water.

Rinse the worst of the mud off with a hose

Get the worst of the mudd off by showering your dog with a hose. Just do their paws, legs and underbelly. Don’t try and wash your dog all over with the hose outside in the winter as it may be too cold for them. Rinse their feet and stomach so that when they walk inside they don’t get mud everywhere.

Towel down outside

After you have washed them with the hose, make sure you towel them down before you let them inside. Give them a good rub with a towel to get most of the moisture out of their coat. Try using an ultra absorbent Easidri Towel. This will prevent them from getting your carpet wet and spreading mud everywhere when they shake.

Use a dog runner mat

Even if you do wash your dog before they come in the house, they might still manage to bring some dirt inside. Use a dog runner mat so that muddy paws are not trailed into the house. They help to protect your carpets and floors from dirty paws.

Head straight up for a bath

If your dog isn't too muddy, you can probably just do the above and leave it at that. However, if they are really dirty or have rolled in something stinky they might need a good scrub and wash. Head straight up to your bathroom and give them a bath.

Make sure you wash your dog thoroughly

Remember to wash hard to reach areas where mud can often build up such as under the armpits, on your dog’s belly and under their chest. Use a dog shampoo that is specially designed for really dirty dogs such as Wahl Dirty Beastie, which is excellent for getting rid of dirt and mud. If your dog did roll in something stinky, you might want to also give them a spritz of deodorising spray such as Animology Stink Bomb Spray.


Remember to dry your dog off properly. Towel drying will not do, especially in the winter. Damp dogs can easily catch a chill so make sure your dog is completely dry after winter dog walks.


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