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The Benefits Of Owning A Rabbit

Rabbits are a very popular pet in the UK. They bring a lot of joy and happiness to pet owners across the country. Rabbits are easier to look after than dogs and cats, however, they do still need a lot of care and attention. Here are the main benefits of owning a rabbit:

The Cute Factor

The most obvious benefit to owning a rabbit is that they are adorable little creatures. It’s hard to resist a cute, fluffy bunny.

Lots Of Breeds To Choose From

There are so many different types of rabbits to choose from, whether you want a lop eared bunny or a sweet little dwarf bunny there will be one that’s right for you.


Rabbits don’t bark or make loud noises like dogs do. They are generally very quiet pets, you won’t get any complaints from your neighbours about noise. If you want peace and quiet then a rabbit is a good pet to have.


Rabbits are relatively clean. They naturally groom themselves (although some do need grooming) and keep themselves clean. They do still go to the toilet but as long as their living area is regularly cleaned they aren’t very messy pets.

They Can Be Toilet Trained

Rabbits can be trained to go to the toilet in a litter tray. This helps keep things very clean and makes clearing out their cage or living area much easier.

No Need For Walking

Rabbits do not need to be walked, so you won’t have to take them out in the wind and rain on long walks. However, they do need a fair amount of exercise. This can be achieved by letting them out in a run or allowing them to exercise around the house. They generally need 3 or 4 hours exercise a day to keep happy and healthy.

Stress Relief

Just like many other pets, humans get benefits from stroking and playing with rabbits. It’s relaxing for both of you and petting your rabbit can be very good for relieving stress.


There’s no doubt about it, bunnies are entertaining. If you have a bunny you will know that they can be hilarious to watch and interact with. Rabbits all have different personalities and their character comes out as you get to know them.

Sense Of Responsibility

Owning a rabbit gives you a sense of responsibility, which is very beneficial for some people. You have a purpose, to look after your rabbit as best as you can. Looking after a rabbit is rewarding and it’s a good way to focus on something.


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