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Welcome to the Time for Paws Pet Blog

The benefits of owning a pet, and actually interaction with animals in general is a topic which rears its head (no pun intended) surprisingly often. According to research, owning a pet and having regular contact with your chosen critter can have a genuinely positive impact on both your physical and mental well-being. It doesn’t even really matter what animal you choose as your companion, what’s really important is the relationship you build with them.

So what are the benefits of owning A Pet?

Reduced blood pressure

Reduced blood pressure is one on the plus points that regularly crops up. Taking time to talk to, feed and pet animals is credited the world over with helping to lower stress and anxiety levels. According to , both the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National institute of Health have heart related studies on pet owners.

The studies showed that pet owners demonstrate reduced blood pressure as well as reduced cholesterol levels which help to reduce the overall risk of heart attacks. What’s more, the heart patients who owned dogs or cats tended to recover better. They conclude that this was as a direct result of their pet’s positive influence on overall stress levels.


Pets can be a great way to stave off pangs of loneliness. This “low pressure” relationship and dependence of pets on their owners’ offers a sense of purpose, Responsibility for another living being as well as unconditional love and distraction from feelings of isolation. Pets are often very intuitive and will seek you out when you are feeling down or unwell.

Great for kids development

Have kids in the house? Great! Pets offer the same companionship, affection and responsibility to them, offering a great way to learn life lessons for later years. They can also provide only-children with a focus outside of themselves so that they learn to share attention before starting school and in wider social situations. Children and animals are a great combination. They can be a great educational tool and pets are reported to help children develop and better attention span, maintaining care and attention over a long period of time. Pets can also serve to teach children about life and death and coping with grief of a loved one.

Immunity and wellbeing

Many studies suggest that having a pet in your home from an early age can also help to build up a better immunity to allergens as well as boosting resistance to eczema and bugs through exposure. If a dog is your pet of choice, then you can also guarantee further physical benefits from the additional exercise that you’ll now be getting. Weight loss or maintenance, much more fresh air to blow out the cobwebs everyday.

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