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9 Ways To Show Your Dog How Much You Love Them

9 Ways To Show Your Dog How Much You Love Them

There are so many ways you can show your dog how much you love them. From walks in the park to simply giving them some attention. Most dog owners do all they can to keep their best friend happy. However, sometimes when life gets really busy you can forget to treat your dog and do things to make their life more enjoyable. Here’s 10 simple ways you can show your dog how much you love and care for them.


  1. Take them on an epic walk

Instead of going on your usual daily dog walk to the same place you always go, take your dog somewhere different. Take them somewhere new and exciting that they can explore. Don’t just pop out for a 30 minute walk, occasionally treat your dog to a longer walk where they can really stretch their legs. Not only will they love you for it but you will have one exhausted pooch afterwards.


  1. Feed them a delicious protein rich meal

Give them an extra special treat with their daily dinner (provided they don’t suffer from digestion issues or a sensitive tummy). Add a little bit of meat such as chicken or turkey to their normal as a special treat every now and then.


  1. Give them some tasty treats

Stock up on some extra tasty treats that you can give your dog on special occasions, or when they are really well behaved. If they are really good, give them one of the most favourite dog treats as a reward.


  1. Spend time with them

Life moves so fast sometimes that you can run out of time to pay attention to your dog. Make some time in your busy schedule each day to do something with your dog, whether it’s training, playing or giving them a good cuddle.


  1. Play with them

Dogs that love to play get a huge amount of pleasure from a play session, even if it lasts just a few minutes. Reward your dog for good behaviour by spending some time playing with them. You could play games such as fetch, tug of war or hide and seek.


  1. Go to the dog park with them

Head down to the dog park and spend some quality time with your best friend. Put away your phone and just focus on having some fun outdoors with your pooch.


  1. Get them the coolest toys

It’s such a lovely feeling when you come home to your dog with a new toy. It’s great seeing their reaction to a new toy and their excited face when they realise you have got something especially for them. Stock up on some cool dog toys and your dog will quickly adore you.


  1. Treat them to a cosy new bed

Buy your dog a brand new cosy bed to snuggle up in. If their old bed is getting a bit old and tatty, treat them to a new bed. Click here to see our wide range of dog beds.


  1. Book them a canine massage

It may seem a little over the top, but dogs can benefit from massage just like we do. Make sure you find a therapist that’s qualified in This will help your dog to relax and sooth some aches and pains.


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