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8 Reasons Why We Love Our Pets!

Good news for all animal lovers – it’s currently in the UK.

Running from the start of April right through to May the 5th, the month is designed to promote responsible pet ownership with a focus on helping pet charities to raise money for their organisations.

So, as this celebratory month takes place we’re turning our attention to the exact reasons behind why we love our amazing pets. From small and big species, to those with four legs and those with none, see which reasons you agree with from our list.

1.    Stress relief

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed and you need to relax, then pets are the perfect way to unwind.

From cuddles on the sofa, to interacting and playing with your pet and stimulating your mind, they really can help to reduce stress and anxiety and keep you calm and focused.

have even revealed that owning a pet dog can actually help to decrease anxiety levels by as much as 37 percent, as the dog acts as a distraction from the owner’s concerns.

2.    The perfect exercise pals

Okay so you won’t be walking your pet snake or lizard to the park, but for those who own a dog, these pets make for the perfect exercise buddies.

A quick stroll around the block or a long run in the park is the perfect way to spend time with your pet and ensure they get the exercise they need.

What’s more, you’ll be keeping fit too so it’s a win-win situation that allows you to be with your favourite four-legged friend.

3.    Sheer entertainment value

If you’re bored with not much to do or you need a little cheering up, pets really do offer great entertainment value.

Whether you’re interacting with them, watching them explore and take in the world, or observing them fail at the simple tasks that they’re determined to achieve, they’re entertaining in so many ways.

Remember, there’s a reason why the Internet is full of a whole host of funny, adorable and intriguing animal videos – simply because we love them.

4.    Unconditional love

We know that our pets love us and this is what makes them so great. Opening the door from a hard day at work to be greeted by a happy hyperactive dog or a purring pussy cat is a great feeling.

We love our pets enormously but it’s these gestures that make us realise that they too love us equally as much.

A special bond is always formed between any pet and its owner and this is something that all animal lovers should cherish.

5.    Great companions

Everyone’s got their friends, but having a pet as a companion offers a really special, one-off and unique kind of relationship.

A pet will offer you a wide range of health and life benefits as they affect our physical, social, emotional and cognitive state and well-being.

From the day you bring your pet home for the first time, to their later years in adult life, they really are great companions and a big part of our lives too.

6.    Security

Number six on our list is another reason why we love our pets that’s only really going to apply to dogs.

Depending on breed, and sometimes size, these pets can offer us a real sense of security.

Whether you know that your dog is present in the home, or your animal is more of a strict guard, it’s nice to have peace of mind that they’re keeping watch.

This added value makes the relationship between us and our pets even stronger as a result.

7.    Great for socialising

Owning a pet increases the amount of opportunities you have in life to socialise with other owners and pet lovers alike.

For example, if you regularly take your dog for a walk, then it’s likely that you stop and say hello to people who desperately want to meet them.

Due to this, pets are great for socialising, as well as meeting and interacting with new people from all walks of life.

8.    Mood changers

There are many positive mental and emotional benefits to and it’s because of this that they are certainly mood changers.

When we feel down, animals can perk us up again and even make as happier than how we would feel without them there in the first place.

Their amazing ability to do this makes the relationship and bond between owner and animal that extra bit special.

Our amazing pets

So there you have it, what great creatures they really are.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but each and every one of our beloved pets has a quality that can only be explained by those who have owned one before.

We hope you agree with these eight reasons above and if you think we’ve forgotten any then please feel free to add them to the comments section below.

Pets image from Bigstock.


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