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7 Things Dogs Get Away With And They Shouldn’t

We love our dogs so much that sometimes we let them get away with too much. They look at us with puppy dog eyes and we instantly forget whatever it is they have done. We are often unknowingly reinforcing bad behaviours that our dogs most certainly shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes owners don’t even notice their dogs doing naughty things, or forget that what they are doing is actually an undesirable behaviour.


  • Jumping up


Too many dog owners allow their dogs to jump up. It might be fine if you don’t mind them doing it to you, but what about other people. Dogs can injure people when they jump up and even knock them over, and some people find it very intimidating.


  • Pestering for food


Don’t allow your dog to be really annoying when it comes to food. They shouldn’t be trying to get close to you while you are eating and should give you enough space. Pestering for food can escalate and cause problems with food aggression. Also the more you give in and give your dog some food the more they will pester you for food.


  • Bullying other dogs


It’s not very nice when you see certain dogs bullying other dogs, and their owners do nothing about it. If your dog gets too boisterous or aggressive during play then you should stop them. It’s not fair on the other dog and could eventually lead to problems.


  • Stealing food


If your dog steals food out your hands or off the table make sure you tell them off. If they don’t realise it’s a bad behaviour they will just keep doing it. Dogs that steal food out of people’s hands can cause injuries.


  • Hogging the sofa


It’s OK to have your dog up on the sofa if it’s something you are comfortable with. However, things have gone a bit too far when they take up the whole sofa and won’t move. Only allow your dog on the sofa when you have invited them up and don’t allow them to get possessive over their spot.


  • Demanding attention


If your dog constantly demands attention try to not give it to them. It can be difficult to ignore but if you stroke them every time they come up to you eventually you will have a very needy dog.


  • Stealing objects


Dogs often get away with stealing objects such as shoes and socks because it is cute. Lots of pictures have been posted on social media of doings doing naughty things, which makes them seem OK. Try not to let your dog steal objects. If they start guarding objects then see a canine behaviourist right away.


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