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6 ways to recognise a ridiculously spoiled dog

Ah, the pampered pup. From doggy diamantes and blow-dry’s to bad behaviour and puppy dog eyes, some canines live lives so pampered, it puts us to shame!

Whilst some make do with a fetching outfit or the most luxury dog food around, others are off travelling the world in private jets or getting their nails done every week.

Here are 6 ways to recognise a ridiculously spoiled pooch...

They’re decked out to the nines

You know the ones. Decked out in designer gear. Their claws painted the newest shade of the season. Being pushed around in a bedazzled pushchair. Whatever you want, they’ve definitely got it. Some owners will spend a fortune on making sure their canine is the fanciest looking one around.

Their every whim is indulged

One swift display of puppy dog eyes and they cannot be resisted. They've mastered the art of the getting just what they want and their owners simply can't resist. From couch cuddles to handbag walks - if they’re small enough obviously - they live a life of luxury.

To be honest, some owners will even sleep on the sofa if their pup looks just too darn adorable sprawled out across their bed. Lucky Fido.

They misbehave

Do you know a dog that seems incapable of leaving its owners’ shoes, clothing, bedding and perhaps even valuable items in their house alone? From chewing on beloved items to ripping apart sofas, curtains and other household items, this can be a sign that they are ridiculously spoiled

It could also be a sign however that they weren’t trained or that training was, well, somewhat sporadic. But whatever the case, this can indeed be rectified with some doggy training!

They may be a little overweight

One sure-fire way to spoil a dog is to overfeed them. And owners of such faithful pups will find it difficult not to shower theirs with love in the form of a little extra treat or two. Retrieved a comfy pair of slippers? That deserves a treat. Looking too cute for words? There goes another. And so on. Some owners will even indulge Fido in his firm wishes to never step outside and take a run around the park.

Of course, showing an adoring canine companion love and appreciation is what it means to be a loving owner. But whilst the temptation will always be around to reward your pooch for every good thing they do, this doesn't necessarily mean the reward goes straight to their stomach. Often, a satisfying belly rub can be just the ticket to rewarding good behaviour. As can some specially formulated .

They have their own social media channel

Now this one is usually set aside for owners of particularly adorable or amusing doggies - aren’t they all? But with the rise of social media comes the rise of social media pets! . Treated to fancy pampering sessions, flown half way around the world, or simply capturing the hearts of thousands with tier crazy or cute antics. Yep, you can tell a dog is living the spoiled life when they have their own doggy spotlight on the internet.


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