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50 Things That Might Be On A Dog’s Bucket List

Many of us know what we want to do before we die but what about our dogs? Recently the owner of a terminally ill boxer created a bucket list for her dog. What do you think dogs might want to do before they go to heaven? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Meet a celebrity dog trainer

2. Show off heelwork to music on Britains Got Talent

3. Enter crufts

4. Meet the largest dog in the world

5. Meet the smallest dog in the world

6. Roll in a puddle of mud

7. Roll in fox poo 100 times

8. Eat the biggest bone in the world

9. Try fillet steak

10. Run with wild wolves

11. Spend an afternoon by a warm fire

12. Play in the snow

13. Pee in the snow

14. Try and eat snow (not advised!)

15. Cheer owner up

16. Chase a cat

17. Destroy a pair of shoes

18. Have a dog film marathon with doggy pals, must see films include homeward bound, Hatchi, Turner and Hooch and Beethoven

19. Ride in an open top car

20. Scare the postman

21. Try and climb a tree after a squirrel

22. Bark at my own reflection

23. Stay in a luxury dog hotel

24. Sniff the bottom of every breed of dog

25. Swim in the sea

26. Try (BARF)

27. Steal owners dinner

28. Have own

29. Have a protest pee on the carpet

30. Use puppy dog eyes

31. Try out every toy in the pet shop

32. Dig hole under fence and escape

33. Chase 500 birds in lifetime and never catch one

34. Claim spot on the sofa

35. Sleep in owners bed

36. Get dirty as quickly as possible after a bath

37. Poop in next door neighbour's garden

38. Destroy house when owner goes out

39. Protect owner from danger

40. Get owner to buy memory foam dog bed

41. Master all dog sports including Flyball, Agility and Cani X

42. Go to dog exhibition and try all the dog food samples

43. Beat owner at tug of war

44. Eat grass

45. Have bark off with dog next door

46. Get into the bins and eat everything

47. Steal food and get away with it

48. Try

49. Travel outside of the UK

50. Eat/chew someone's homework


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