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5 Ways You Can Help Stop Puppy Farming

Puppy farming is a big issue at the moment, and sadly a lot of people are unaware of the risks and suffering it causes. Puppies are mass produced and kept in appalling conditions, leaving them with lasting health and behavioural problems. Breeding bitches are made to have endless litters and are also kept in horrible conditions. Puppy farming needs to stop, and one of the main ways to stop it is to get people to stop buying puppies from these places.

  1. Don’t buy a puppy from a puppy farm

Do not make the problem worse by buying a puppy from a puppy sign. Learn to recognise puppy farming red flags, so that you don’t buy a puppy farm dog without realising it. See our other article on to look out for.

  1. Report anyone you suspect of running a puppy farm

If you visit a puppy farm or come into contact with anyone you suspect of running a puppy farm or participating in illegal breeding then report them. Explain your concerns to your local authority and get them to check the facilities out.

  1. Help to educate people and spread the word

Tell your friends about how they can avoid buying dogs from puppy farms. If we can stop people buying from puppy farms in the first place then we can reduce the amount of money they make. Share this article on social media and also the guide from the Kennel Club.

  1. Buy from a responsible breeder or get a rescue dog

Always buy from a from reputable Kennel Club Assured Breeder. Or better still, get a rescue dog from a rescue shelter and give an animal in need a home rather than buying a puppy. There are thousands of rescue dogs needing home all around the UK, as well as breed specific rescue organisations for those wanting one particular breed.

  1. Explain to people that buying a puppy to rescue it only makes the problem worse…

A lot of people will say ‘but I want to save a puppy by buying it’. Explain to them that yes, this might help one puppy, but it will also condemn other dogs to more suffering. By buying a puppy from a puppy farm you are fuelling the fire.


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