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5 Things You Can Do With Your Dog When You’re Having A Bad Day

We’re all susceptible to a bad day every now and then. From the onslaught of miserable weather to a jam-packed and stressful working schedule. And sometimes, just for no reason at all.

When a bad day rolls around, there’s no better sidekick to perk you up than your four-legged furball. Here are five things you can do with your ever-faithful companion when a bad day rears its ugly head.

Take your pup out for coffee

That’s right. Humans are great for companionship. But sometimes if you’re having a bad day, you just want some quiet closeness. And where better to head than your local coffee shop? Or better yet Starbucks, who offer a deliciously dog-friendly .

Essentially some whipped cream in an espresso cup, it makes the perfect treat whilst you warm up to a better day. So, whilst you’re enjoying your delicious foamy cappuccino, your pal can provide some cuddly companionship without feeling left out.

Curl up on the sofa for some doggie dreaming

Sometimes you just need to put your two feet up - along with Fido’s four - and sit back into the warmth of your sofa for a nice long nap. But before you close your eyes, make some room for your dog. Settling down for a soothing cuddle with your furry friend may just help you to switch off from your bad day and focus on something more positive.

Read your pup a tale

Taking a step back from whatever has put a dampener on your day can help to lift your spirits. And But a way to make it that much better? Prick up Fido’s ears with an engaging book and indulge in some out loud storytelling. You’ll feel better for an exciting afternoon or evening of story time, whilst knowing you have a captive audience of one. 

Walk along sandy shores

When you’re having a bad day, often finding something relaxing to take the stress away can really help. So, if you live near to a beach or fancy a little doggy road trip, there’s no better place to wander along, breathing in the salty sea air, and feeling the soft sand beneath your toes (and his paws!). You could even build a sand sculpture or two and take delight as your pal knocks it down.

Taste some pooch-friendly wines

From Aberdeen to Hampshire, there are . And whilst a sip or two of some fine wines may just put a smile on your face during a bad day, taking your dog along for some company will make it that much better. There may even be some dog-friendly wine for your pal to indulge in.

Splash around

A nice long bath is a perfect way to perk yourself up when a bad day shows itself, but why not introduce a little fun and treat your pooch to some bath time joy?

When looking to get Fido into the tub, make sure you have his favourite toys and ensure plenty of playtime with him in the bathroom first - just so he knows it’s a safe space. Then when the time is right, get him in the bath and enjoy some splashing around. It’s a sure-fire way to make both you and your dog howl with laughter!


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