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5 Things To Not Let Babies & Toddlers Do Around Dogs


There is nothing sweeter than seeing a baby and a dog become best friends, like your two favourite beings on this planet have come together, doesn’t it just pull on those heart strings? However, it can be easy to forget that there are definitely things that you need to take in consideration when these two precious angels are together, so that both baby and dog are safe, happy and free of harm.


1.Don’t let your little one put their face near your dog

Although it’s nice to see your dog and child interacting, always be wary of letting your little one put their face near your dog’s head. You may completely trust your dog, but in reality, you can never fully predict what a dog will do. It’s just not worth risking. Let your child pet your dog under supervision but always keep their face out the way.


2.Don’t let them manhandle your dog

Young children often don’t know their own strength, so pulling on dog’s ears and hugging them tight can be dangerous for your dog, even when it is innocent. When it’s play time, try to encourage your baby to be gentle with their furry friend. It’s a good idea to make sure dog isn’t overly excited, play time should always be fun but also safe.

Even dogs with a huge amount of patience won’t like being poked and prodded all the time. And keep in mind that your baby or toddler shouldn’t ‘cuddle’ your dog, e.g. embrace them in a big bear hug. Although this can be sweet, it’s suffocating for your dog and may make them feel trapped.


3. Don’t let your kids decorate the floor with food

Dinner time can get messy, food can make its way onto the floor through cooking or trying to get your child to eat all the food. No matter how the food finds its way to the floor, it’s important to make sure it’s cleaned up straight away, it’s worth keeping the dog out of the room while you do this.

Teaching your child to keep the food on their plate will both teach manners but prevent the dog getting ill. Most dogs will see food and before you can blink, they have eaten it, which can lead to a nasty vet bill. Also, don’t encourage your child to feed the dog their food for safety reasons for the child and the dog (in case they feed them something they shouldn’t eat).


4.Don’t let your baby become a licking toy

Dogs love to sniff out and lick new smells and for some reason, they’ll get excited for that moment you jump out the bath and will happily lick your wet legs. Babies do let out fluids in many different ways and to a dog, that’s a perfect opportunity to clean baby, which is far from hygienic. Avoid letting your dog lick your little one’s face.


5. Don’t let your baby wind up your dog

Young children may not always understand that their actions may provoke a dog. A dog’s mood can go from wagging tale to baring teeth very quickly, so children need to know when to stop and let the dog calm down. Teach them to treat Fido with respect and always be gentle when interacting with any dogs. Sometimes you can see when your child is being cheeky and almost teasing the dog so always keep an eye and tell them to give your dog some much needed space.


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