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5 Things That Cats Hate

Cats are very particular animals that often like things their way. They love things like scratching posts, catching prey, being made a fuss of and snoozing in the sunshine. However, they do have a few pet hates. There are some things that most cats just don’t like.

If you want a happy cat then there are a few things that you need to avoid. There may be a few exceptions to the rule but in general the majority of cats strongly dislike the following things.

1. A dirty litter box

Cats are very clean animals. They constantly groom themselves and are able to generally keep very clean. They dislike being dirty and living in dirty areas. Don’t leave their litter box for long periods without changing it. Otherwise your cats will find somewhere else to do their business, most likely on your nice new carpet. They just don’t like a dirty litter box so make sure you clean it and change the cat litter as often as needed.


2. Loud and scary noises

Most animals don’t like loud and scary noises such as fireworks, thunder and sirens. Cats generally enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment where they can chill out all day. Many cats hate really loud households where they never get any peace! If you are bringing a new cat home for the first time it’s important you keep noise to a minimum so that they settle in easier.


Cats have extremely good hearing to help them catch prey, but unfortunately this makes them sensitive to very loud noises. Some cats can develop a fear of loud noises and also specific sounds. They will often try to escape or hide in a safe place somewhere.


3. Water

Another thing that most cats really don’t like is water. They will put up quite a fight if you try and bath them and panic if they accidentally fall into water. Cats might not like water because it weighs their coat down or simply because they aren’t used to it.


One theory behind why they don’t like it is that owners have sheltered them from water for centuries, resulting in their contact with water being very rare. Some wild cats that live in hot places actually enjoy cooling off in water but for most domestic cats it’s not their favourite thing to do.


4. Being stroked on certain parts of their body

Lots of cats do really enjoy being petted and stroked. They love the attention and find the whole experience very relaxing and soothing. However, many cats have sensitive areas that they just won’t let you go near. If you end up stroking them in the wrong place you could get a few nasty scratches.


Some cats don’t enjoy being picked up and handled and are more independent and aloof. Whereas others want to be stroked all day long. Cats will often have a special spot where they absolutely love to be stroked. The specific parts of the body where you shouldn’t stroke depends on your cat, all cats are different. Probably the most common place that cats don’t like being stroked is on their belly.


5. Being ignored

If a cat wants something then they will not give up. Whether they want attention from their owner, food or to play with their toys they rarely take no for an answer. Lots of cats simply hate being ignored and will do anything to get their own way. Some of their attention seeking techniques include winding in and out your legs, jumping on you and rubbing up against you.


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