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5 Strange Things That Dog Lovers Do

5 Strange Things That Dog Lovers Do

Dog owners are a very odd species. Over the years, dog owners have developed some rather strange habits. These are things that when you really think about it, are a bit strange, but dog owners don’t even think twice. Dogs become part of the family, and we spend so much time with our canine companions that it can lead us to do some strange things.

Lots of dog owners will probably admit to doing some (or all) of the following things, but they probably won’t see them as unusual. Here are some strange things you might have noticed dog owners doing.


2.   Have conversations with their dog

Nearly all dog owners do this. Of course we have to speak to our dogs to give them commands, but many dog owners go way beyond this. People end up having full on conversations with their dog when no one is around, and also when they think no one is around. They will even ask their dog questions, and answer for their dog, guessing what they might say if they could talk.

We all want to believe that dogs can digest everything we are saying, but sadly they can’t, and this is a reality that dog owners find hard to accept. So they just casually chat away to their dog throughout the day, and often don’t even realise they are doing it.

2.Let their dog lick their face

For some reason, dog owners seemed to block out where their dog’s tongue might have been, and let them lick their face. Dogs eat and lick all sorts of things, including poo, their private parts and other dog’s bits. However, some dog owners aren’t bothered by this and will allow their dog to lick their face.

People who aren’t dog lovers and also some other dog owners are shocked by this behaviour as it is seen as unsanitary. However, there is some evidence to suggest that there are some benefits to letting your dog lick you (although not necessarily your face). Apparently your dog’s saliva can


4.   Dress their dog up in ridiculous outfits

Some dog outfits are very cute. It’s hard to resist the temptation to dress your dog up in adorable outfits. However, to outsiders and non dog lovers, seeing a dog dressed up in fancy dress seems quite odd. It’s totally fine to dress your dog up occasionally, as long they don’t get distressed and the outfit is comfortable. Some dog owners take things a bit too far and dress their dogs up all the time, leaving their pooches a little fed up.


5.   Sleep with their dogs

Many dog owners will let their dog up on the bed for a morning cuddle, or a little TLC before bedtime. However, other dog owners sleep with their dog every single night.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, but some people just don’t get why anyone would want to share their bed with a dog. Others take a different view and feel it’s perfectly fine as long as you wash your bed covers regularly, as dogs can be very dirty!


6.   Carry their dog in a bag

Dogs are ,meant to be able to run around and don’t need to be carried in handbags. The only exception is if they are injured or too young to be allowed out. It’s very odd when you see someone walking around with a dog tucked up in their bag. People think that little dogs don’t need much exercise, so they carry them, which often leads to behavioural problems. It’s fine to carry your dog in a bag occasionally, but not all the time, they need to exercise.


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