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5 Signs Your Dog Thinks They’re Human

As a nation we’re crazy about our dogs. They’re cute, incredibly loyal and they’re also our babies. Most of us admit to spoiling our pets whenever we can. After all, what’s the harm in that?

But just like children dogs can take after their parents (or in this case owners), which can lead to them developing some very bad habits.

If we fuss them too much and give them too many treats they can become demanding and even spoilt.

As much as we love our dogs and no matter how think of them as our actual children, they’re dogs not humans. They shouldn’t be acting like their owners regardless of how cute they may be when they do it.

To help you find out if you’re spoiling your pouch, here are 5 adorable signs your dog thinks it’s a human.

They’re a bed hog

Dogs and beds should not go together, but because we tend to think of our dogs as our own children, the idea of them sleeping on the floor breaks our heart.

When it's time for bed they’re the first ones to jump on, usually right in the middle. A humanoid dog doesn’t think a dog bed is its actual bed. Its bed is your bed and they’re just kind enough to let you sleep in it with them!

If your dog is taking over at night, you might want to consider getting them their own uber comfy so they realise they’re a pooch after all.

They have eyes bigger than their stomachs

If your dog is constantly eating or begging for food then you may have a dog that thinks it’s a human. Just like humans your dog has eyes bigger than their stomachs, and they try to each too much too soon. This isn’t good for anyone, but even more so for dogs.

Dogs have complex dietary requirements and they shouldn’t be eating so much food, let alone eating popcorn and drinking your leftover coffee.

They go where you go

Just like us dogs are curious creatures. They would happily spend the day following us around (in between playing with their toys of course). If you go on the sofa they do too, if you take a trip to the bathroom they’ll try and join you too.

They’re copying your behaviour even if they don’t quite understand why we’re acting that way or doing the things you do.

They have access to technology

If your dog has an app dedicated to their own entertainment then they clearly think they’re a human. Gone are they days where dogs are happy with playing with sticks. These days the modern dog won’t be content until it has its own iPhone (or should we say iPaw?).

They talk back

When you talk to your dog, do they talk back to you? Do you have full length conversations with your dog? Of course you do! Everyone does, but the real question is do they talk back to you?

Does your dog respond to you with woofs, barks or a mix of both? If they do then they’re clearly talking to you and trying to have a conversation and they think they’re a human too!

If only you could understand one another properly. It would certainly make for an interesting conversation.


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