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5 Most Important Things To Teach Your Dog

When you get a new dog there are a few things that you should try to teach them as soon as possible. You need to be able to keep your dog safe and under control at all times. Without some of these commands you won’t be able to ensure the safety of your new pet. These are also very useful things to teach your dog as part of their everyday training.

The things you will need to train your dog depend on your situation and what you want from them. You could have other commands that are essential for you and your dog, but the suggestions below are probably some of the most common. You can use different words for each command depending on what is easiest for you. So if you want an obedient dog that you can feel confident taking out and about then here are 5 of the most important things to teach them.


1. Stay

Stay might seem like a very simple command but it is probably one of the most vital commands. You need to be able to get your dog to stop and stay in one place. If your dog is just about to run out into the road then you need to be able to get them to stop. Or your dog might spot something and want to chase it in an unsafe area, if you give the stay command they should freeze where they are. You just don’t know when the stay command might come in handy.

2. Recall

You cannot let your dog off the lead unless you are confident they will come back to you. For their own safety they need to be trained properly to come to you when you give the command. If you are on a dog walk and approach a dangerous dog then you need to be able to get them to come back to you so you can put them on the lead. Recall is important for all sorts of different situations such as in the home, the garden, the park or during a training session. If you don’t feel that your dog is ready to be let off the lead then you can practice recall training on a long training lead such as the .

3. Leave

Dogs try to eat, sniff and play with all sorts of objects. However, there are some things that are poisonous to dogs and some objects that they really shouldn’t touch. If you train your dog to ‘leave’ then you can prevent them from picking up these things in the first place. If you see something dangerous that you don’t want them to eat on a walk or in the home then you can give the ‘leave’ command to stop them from touching it. Don’t expect your dog to do this overnight if you haven’t tried it before, you need to spend a lot of time practising with objects at home.

4. Drop

Drop is used when you dog already has something in it’s mouth and you need them to release it. We can’t see what our dog is doing 100% of the time and so sometimes they manage to pick up things we don’t want them to. Drop can sometimes stop your dog from swallowing something dangerous or it might just be something you don’t want them to chew such as a cuddly toy.

5. Sit

Sit is one of the most basic commands that is used on a very regular basis. Sit is a useful way of keeping your dog in one place and under control. It is also common to put your dog in a sit before you give them the stay command. As soon as you get your new dog teach them a sit. If they can do a sit fairly quickly then try getting them to do a sit in different environments such as in a park, on a walk or in your garden.


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