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5 Modern Films Featuring Wolves

There are hundreds of classic films containing werewolves and wolves, but what do some of the most recent films featuring wolves have to offer? How far have we come from the old school style werewolves which came to life through some creative makeup and costume creations? Here are a selection of some fairly recent films that feature wolves, each with a very different representation of these fearsome canines.

 1. Underworld Films

The underworld films follow a brutal war between vampires and werewolves. The main character is Selene, a stunning vampire who in the first film falls in love with a werewolf called Michael. She begins as a hunter of the lycans and later has to decide where her loyalties lie. The werewolves in this film are called lycans, who can be seen in both human and wolf form. There are currently 4 films in this series with a fifth rumoured to be in the pipeline.

 2. Twilight

Everyone has heard of the teen sensation involving the infamous Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Despite the twilight films being centred around vampires, they also heavily feature werewolves. Jacob Black is a key character in all the films and he and his wolf companions come to life on the big screen as magnificent wolves.

 3. Van Helsing

Van Helsing is a monster hunter who sets out to destroy all things evil. He tries to stop Dracula who is using a werewolf in his master plan. Werewolves are featured in this film which tries to throw a variety of classic monsters together.

 4. Dog Soldiers

Dog soldiers is a film that follows a group of soldiers who are faced with some terrifying beasts. Once the soldiers realise they are being targeted by fearsome werewolves they embark on a desperate mission to make it to sunrise when the wolves will turn back into human form. This is a unique low budget film that manages to blend comedy with horror.

 5. The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man (2010) is actually a remake of a classic film that was released in 1941 under the same name. The modern adaption stars Anthony Hopkins, Benecio Del Toro and Emily blunt. Although the film wasn’t a huge success it did win an Academy Award for best makeup. If you like werewolf films then it’s worth a watch.


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