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5 Human Foods That Are Good For Cats

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Wondering what human foods you can give your cat? There are many human foods that are perfectly fine for to eat, as long as they form part of a balanced diet. Your cat’s diet should mimic what they would eat in the wild, most commercial will contain everything they need. However, if you want to give them the occasional treat then you can give them small amounts of human food. Before giving your cat any human food make sure they aren’t allergic, only give them human treats in very small amounts. Check with your vet what foods are best for your cat’s individual needs. Here are five human foods that cats can get benefits from:

Lean meats

Cats are carnivores so they need a substantial amount of meat and their diet. You can buy cat food that is high in meat and protein, but the occasional meat treat certainly won’t do any harm. Go for boneless, lean means where possible. Cats can eat meats such as chicken, turkey and beef. Protein helps to improve their vision, reproductive system and keeps their heart strong. It also satisfies their natural craving for food that they would eat in the wild.


Most cat owners know how much cats love fish. Oily fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and is good for your cat’s skin and coat. You can give your cat fish as an occasional treat but because not to feed them too much as it can cause issues. Eating too much fish can lead to a cat being deprived of vitamin E and some types of fish such as tuna and salmon can contain higher levels of mercury, which can lead to health problems.


Eggs are another healthy snack for cats, but make sure you cook them first. Boiled or scrambled eggs are fine, avoid feeding your cat raw eggs as it can cause salmonella  (food poisoning). Eggs are another good source of protein that many cats like to munch on. If you do cook them avoid using oil and butter (some cats are dairy intolerant).;


Lots of cats aren’t too keen on vegetables which is completely understandable as they are carnivores. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the occasional portion of healthy vegetables. Some cats quite like vegetables because it gives them a bit of extra fibre and roughage in their diet, and maybe just for a change. Cats can eat a wide range of vegetables but tend to prefer vegetables such as carrots, green beans, broccoli and pumpkin.


Oats can be added to your cat’s diet to provide them with a bit of an energy boost. Oats contain B vitamins and can help to get your cat’s energy levels up. You will find oats in many of the cat food brands as it’s an ingredient that provides a bit of bulk. Cats are meat eaters so large amounts of oats aren’t great, but you can give them some occasionally. Oats contain protein, fibre, iron and zinc.


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