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5 Hilarious & Naughty Things Dogs Get Up To When We’re Out

Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets? It’s a hilarious interpretation of what our pets get up to when we are out. Of all the pets out there, it’s perhaps the canine variety that can get up to the most trouble when we are out.

There was also a Channel for documentary called ’ which carried out an investigation into what dogs do when we leave. Plus, you can find thousands of videos on YouTube of owners either fixing the mess their pooch has made, or a video of their dog getting up to mischief.

Here’s five hilarious (and sometimes very naughty) things that some dogs get up to when their owners go out.

  1. Getting stuck in things

Have you seen the videos where dogs somehow get themselves stuck. Like the for example. This poor dog chewed his way into the sofa, but obviously didn’t have an escape plan. Or there’s dogs that find treat boxes and get them stuck on their head. got stuck in a tissue box.

  1. Jumping up onto the kitchen counters

For lots of dogs, hopping up onto kitchen counters is no problem. They refuse to miss out on any crumbs or leftover food their owner has stupidly left on the side. We often trust them and think, no, surely they won’t get their paws on that, but they just can’t resist an extra yummy snack.

And dogs that aren’t big enough to jump on their own find crafty ways of getting to kitchen surfaces,, who moves a chair into the right position to jump onto, and somehow manages to open a microwave to get some chicken nuggets.

  1. Spreading the trash all over the kitchen

Many dog owners have come home to a kitchen that looks like a bomb has hit it. And all because their pooch managed to get into the bin. Some dogs are even smart enough to get into supposedly dog proof bins. Whilst a few dogs would just take a couple of tasty bits from the bin, others like to go through every piece of trash to check if it's edible, and the result is an enormous mess.

  1. Somehow managing to open cupboards and doors

figures out how to get into kitchen cupboards, only to discover the cupboard he opened has no food in it. Dogs are so intelligent, and many are smart enough to open cupboards and doors, so make sure you only keep stuff that could be dangerous to them nice and high up.

  1. Having a conversation with the dog next door

For all we know, our pooches could be having a conversation with the dog next door when we are out. They bark, get a reply, and so it continues. We wonder what these neighborhood dogs are saying to each other? At least it keeps them occupied while we are out, even if the neighbours aren’t too impressed.


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