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5 Great Films Featuring Cats

Cats appear in a wide range of different movies, but there are some great films where cats are the main character or play a big role. If you love cats then you will enjoy reading about these 5 films focused around cats. What are your favourite cat films? We want to hear all about your favourite cat movies, write a comment below and tell us which films would make your list.

1. Garfield, The Movie

One of the most popular cartoon cats, created from a series of comics and books comes to life on the big screen. Garfield is voiced by the infamous Bill Murray, who accurately conveys Garfield’s lazy and sarcastic character. This is a great movie for cat lovers who can watch Garfield’s hilarious reaction to a new dog in the home, Odie.

2. The Aristocats

What cat lover wouldn’t want to watch a movie all about a family of cats? The Aristocats is a charming movie that portrays the very different lifestyles of street cats and pampered family pets. It’s a wonderful children’s movie but adults can also enjoy watching the adventures of these cute cartoon cats. When the Aristocats are kidnapped they get help from a confident street cat named Thomas O’Malley.

3. Cats & Dogs

Watching a film about cats and dogs who are secretly at war is brilliant fun for both cat and dog owners. This fun, action packed film makes fun of the common issues between cats and dogs. See what the evil Mr Tinkles has in store for the canine world, and watch a cute beagle Lou as he gets caught in the middle of a war. This film has a wonderful mix of fantastic characters and is great fun to watch.

4. The Lion King

Although technically this film isn’t about domestic cats, it is an epic Disney masterpiece that should not be missed. It tells the story of lions fighting to defend their pride and their homelands, and Simba’s climb back to the top after a tragedy. You get an insight into the lives of wild cats and the numerous animals they come into contact with. The Lion King is a film that can be enjoyed by cat fans of all ages.

5. Puss In Boots

Want to know the story of Puss in Boots before he met Shrek? Everyone loved Puss In Boots when he appeared in the Shrek Movies so much that he got his very own film to star in. Follow Puss on his eventful journey to clear his name and erase the charges made against him. Puss is an impressive cat with fearless fighting skills, and an extremely cute face when he wants something. Cat fans will definitely enjoy this film.


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