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5 Essential Dog Products You Couldn’t Live Without

Dog owners know that there are some products you simply can’t live without. In order to look after your pooch properly you need some helpful equipment. Here are 5 essential dog products you couldn’t live without.


1. Toys

Dog Toys may not seem like an essential item but they are a key item for a lot of dog owners. Lots of dogs become very bored without their toys. They need mental stimulation and something to help them burn off some energy. Toys can also help dogs to learn essential skills and increase the bond between with their owner.


2. Poo bags

Not the most thrilling product to buy for your dog but one that is definitely an essential. It’s worth buying proper Dog Poop Bags rather than always searching around for supermarket bags (which often have holes in!). As a dog owner your are responsible for your dog’s mess and by law you are required to pick it up. Be a responsible dog owner and invest in some dog poo bags. to buy some now. If you want an eco option you should buy our


3. Treats

Treats are an excellent training aid but they are also a nice way of spoiling your dog. Giving your dog regular treats while you are doing training will also help to improve your relationship. are excellent for reward based training methods. You can get a wide range of different Dog Treats depending on what your dog likes and their dietary requirements.


4. Grooming equipment

Some people don’t realise just how important grooming equipment is. It is especially important for some breeds with long or thick coats that need brushing and trimming regularly. If your don’t groom your dog properly their coat could become matted and uncomfortable. Essential grooming products include brushes, shampoo, nail clippers and combs.


5. Food and water bowls

You need something to put your dog’s food and water in, otherwise you will end up with a big mess in your house. Get separate bowls for food and water and if you have a larger dog you might need to have them raised above the ground. to view our food and water bowls.


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