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5 Differences Between Cats And Dogs

5 Differences Between Cats And Dogs

Cats and dogs have their similarities, but in general, they lead very different lives. They both make wonderful pets and add something different into the mix. Some people are strictly cat people, and others are solely dog lovers.

You can see why people often prefer to have one or the other. However, many households have both cats and dogs, both of which provide their owners with love and companionship. Here are five key differences between cats and dogs, some of which you may not know about.


2.   Cats roam free dogs don’t

Cats are allowed to wander the neighbourhood (unless they are house cats) and do as they please. They go out when they want and return when they are ready to come inside for some food and attention.

Dogs are kept on a lead in public places, and are only allowed to go out for walks when their owner takes them out. They don’t have the same kind of freedom, but a lot of dogs get to go on walks off lead. Dogs are extremely social and like to be with their pack, and in most cases are happy to be with their owner for the majority of the time. Cats can be solitary compared to dogs and are happy to go it alone.


3.   Dogs are more responsive to training

Although cats can be trained, dogs are far more response to training. Cats can be trained to fetch and even sit, but they aren’t as up for learning as dogs are. Dogs love to please their owners and will do anything for a reward.


4.   Cats are strict carnivores

Dogs obviously prefer meat, and thrive on a diet filled with protein. However, if necessary, they can survive on a diet without meat (although this is not recommended). Cats on the other hand have to consume protein, and can’t cope without a protein filled diet. The need some type of meat in their diet.


5.   Cats have very sharp, retractable claws

As a lot of cat owners will know, after being scratched quite a few times, cats have extremely sharp claws. They are able to retract their claws so that they can use them only when necessary. Dogs also have claws but they wear down when they walk around, so they are not as sharp, and they are not retractable.


6.   Cats climb, dogs are earthbound

Cats are built to climb up high and jump from one spot to another. They are particularly good at pouncing on things and getting into all sorts of odd places around the home and outside. Cats are made this way so that they can get to prey higher up and also get away from danger. Have you ever seen a dog try to climb a tree to chase a squirrel? They aren’t very good, and do much better living their life on the ground.


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