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5 Boredom Busting Games For Your Dog

Does your dog need a lot of mental stimulation? A great way to get rid of some of their energy is to play boredom busting games. Dogs love playing different games and getting their mind working. 20 minutes of playing games can be enough to tire them out and give them enough fun to keep them happy. Playing games is also a wonderful way to spend time with your dog and it helps to increase the bond you have. They are also good for obedience and training purposes so give these games a try. You can play all of them at home.

1. Sit On The Box

Find a plastic box at home or go out and buy a cheap one from your local supermarket. Make sure it isn’t too small for your dog as they will need to be able to sit on it safely. Get some treats and bring your dog near to the box, try and lure them over the box with treats. As soon as one of their paws touches the box say ‘yes’ and reward them with a treat. Try and get them to put two feet, three feet and eventually all four feet on the box, then ask them to sit. Reward them with more treats as they get more feet on the box.

2. Activity Toys

There are lots of different activity toys you can get that provide fun activities for your dog. From Kongs to interactive games and treat dispensing toys. Stock up on a few exciting toys for your dog to play with and they will have a great time trying to figure out how to get their favourite treat. You can also get board games and puzzles for dogs, these are ideal for breeds that need a lot of mental stimulation.

3. Touch

Touch is a great trick to teach your dog because it can be used to play lots of different games. Train your dog to touch your hand with their nose on command. This can then develop into touching with their paws and touching lots of different targets. You can get dogs to push buttons and close doors using the touch command.

4. Toy Identity Parade

You can train your dog to recognise names for different . Give each of their toys names and every time they play with them use your chosen word. Then once your dog knows each different toy you can line all their toys up and ask them to fetch a specific one. This trick takes a while to master but it’s great fun once your dog understands which toy is which.

5. Treats Under Plastic Cups

Go and buy some cheap plastic cups from your local supermarket. They can be used to play a really fun game with your dog. Line two or three cups up and place a treat under one of them. Ask your dog to ‘find it’, they should sniff around and knock over cups to get the treat. You can gradually make things more difficult by increasing the number of cups you use.


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