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5 Birds That Remind Us Of Winter


Over the year’s a few birds have become particularly symbolic of winter times. For some it is simply their looks that get them noticed and others have been mentioned in songs and literature. Winter is a fabulous time to take pictures of birds against a snowy backdrop. The white snow and ice really brings out the colours in their feathers. Here are five birds that remind us of winter.



The owl has to be mentioned on the list of winter birds. There are several different types of owl but perhaps the snowy owl and the barn owl are the best representations of winter. They have thick feathers that help to keep them nice and warm. They are nocturnal birds of prey that fly silently through the night. Spotting one in the winter is quite a magical experience.



How could we forget the delightful little Robin? No Christmas is complete without a picture of a Robin somewhere in the house. The Robin is definitely the most famous of all UK winter birds. Easily recognisable, they are very used to being around people and will sometimes even take bird feed out of your hand. Robins are mentioned in Christmas songs and on millions of Christmas cards.



Partridges are mentioned in the famous twelve days of Christmas song. It’s a traditional Christmas carol that reflects the elaborate gifts we give through the festive season. The Partridge is mentioned in the very first verse ‘On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A Partridge in a Pear Tree’. Partridges are in the Pheasant family



Penguins have to be mentioned on the list of winter birds because they can endure the most severe winter conditions. Penguins are also used on festive merchandise such as jumpers, cards and wrapping paper. A penguin was chosen as the star of this year’s John Lewis advert, which has made penguins even more of a winter symbol. Penguins live in the Southern hemisphere and are aquatic birds that do not have the ability to fly.



Although Bluetits are not necessarily known for being a winter bird, they are very common British birds which means they are likely to enter your garden over the winter. Their bright blue and yellow colouring looks particularly stunning against a white background of snow. Bluetits hunt for food in the winter, flocks will join together to forage for food.


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