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5 Advanced Games For Dogs

Does your dog need a new challenge? Dogs can get a bit bored of playing the same games at home. It’s always good to mix things up and test out new games. Some games are not suitable for some dogs, it depends on how quickly your dog picks things up and their willingness to learn. If your dog has mastered all the basic games and you want to challenge them a bit more then here are 6 advanced games to try.


1. Interactive/board games

There are some you can get that offer an interactive experience for your dog. You can get interactive board games to provide your dog with some mental stimulation. Nina Ottosson has created a range of interactive games for dogs, such as the This game allows you to vary the difficulty of the game depending on your dog’s progress.


2. Find the keys

How many times have you lost your keys and spent ages trying to find them? You can actually train your dog to retrieve your keys and save yourself a lot of time. It’s also a really challenging, fun game for your dog. Attach a piece of rope or a soft toy to your keys to make them more appealing and easier to find for your dog.


Spend some time playing a retrieval game and teaching your dog to ‘fetch’ the keys. When he grabs them say ‘keys’ and give him a reward. Be careful that your dog doesn’t try to swallow the keys and remove any key charms that could cause a problem. Do not play this game if your dog is likely to try and eat the keys!


The next stage is to get your dog to find the keys. Put them with a few other items and reward them when they select the keys. You can then gradually move them further away and start hiding them in different places.


3. Toy identity parade

This is a trick that takes a bit of time to master as your dog has to learn the names of all their toys. Gradually introduce different names for some of your dog’s toys. Every time they pick a particular toy up say its name.


Once your dog knows the names of a few toys you can put them together and ask them to select the right one by saying its name. This game really gets your dog’s brain working and is fun for all the family to watch.


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4. Indoor agility

Agility is something that takes dogs a while to master. Some dogs pick it up much quicker than others but its an activity thats great for all different breeds and sizes of dog. You don’t have to go to a class to start agility. You can get some basic equipment and get your dog to do it indoors at home, or in your garden. What’s great about this game is you can make it as difficult as you like depending on the equipment you use. You don’t necessarily have to buy agility equipment, you can use things around the home such as chairs and boxes.


5. Skater dog

This is a pretty awesome trick that will impress your friends. For some reason the sight of a dog on a skateboard is very entertaining and very cute. It’s also good exercise and mental stimulation for your dog. However, if your dog is scared and does not respond well then its best just to skip this one. It takes quite a bit of confidence.


The first stage of this game is to simply get your dog to stand on the skateboard. Position it so that it cannot move as this could spook them. Then slowly lure them onto the skateboard with a treat. Try and get him to put his feet towards the centre of the board to help with balance. The next stage is to move the board very slightly and keep rewarding your dog.
Mark this trick with a name such as ‘skate’ or ‘board’ or ‘go’ and reward them when they jump on. Eventually your dog should move further and further and they might even figure out that if they push the ground with their foot it makes them move. hat provides more information about how to teach this trick.


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