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4 Tips For Bringing A New Kitten Home

Being away from their littermates for the first time and take into a strange new environment is daunting for kittens. It’s all a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to do as much as you can to make them feel comfortable and help them settle in well.

1. Choose the right time

The first thing you should do is carefully choose the right time to bring a new kitten into your home. Try and select a time when it will be quiet and you haven’t got much to do, so that you can look after them properly for the first few days. Bringing your into a chaotic environment will not give them the best start in their new home.


2. Get rid of hazards

Remember to kitty proof your home before you pick up your new arrival. There are lots of hazards in the home that can cause unfortunate accidents. Get rid of sharp objects, anything they can chew or swallow and any plants that are dangerous to cats such as Lillies.


3. Let them adjust

For the first few days be careful not to fuss over your kitten too much. It’s very difficult to resist when they are so cute and adorable. Try not to let too many people handle them and demand attention from them. Give them a bit of space and time to adjust to their new home. Be patient, it could take a few weeks for them to build up their confidence.


4. Check up at the vets

It’s always best to take your new kitty to the vets in their first few days. Take them to your chosen vet to have a quick health check, have them weighed and get all their details on file. You can ask questions about vaccinations, desexing and .


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