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4 Signs You Need To Walk Your Dog More

Despite the modern era and our busy working lives, we still love our furry companions more than ever. It seems that nothing can get between man and his best friend, our loyal dogs. We all want what is best our precious baby, sometimes so much that we give up our own luxuries - so they can live like royalty. But have you considered that your dog many not be getting the exercise they need?

Exercise is vital to maintain a dog’s health and their mental wellbeing, like us, dogs need to be able to let off pent up steam and burn off those delicious treats. Sometimes, despite our love for our furry friends we can get lazy and not walk our dogs as often as we really should. Without regular exercise that is tailored to your dog’s needs, as an energetic Husky will need more frequent and longer walks compared to a sweet little Pomeranian. Your dog may become unhappy and unwell but he will let you know through signs:


Have you noticed a bit of extra podge on your dog’s tummy?

Like humans, sometimes a few too many treats and not enough exercise can lead to weight gain. Although your sweet furry companion will always be the apple of your eye, despite a bit of chub, it can lead to serious health complications.

Responsible dog owners will be sure to keep up to date with boosters, usually at the appointment the vet will weigh your little friend. If there is concern, they will let you know and can help you to find the right routine and realize any mistakes you may be unknowingly making. It’s always best to prevent risk and make time for a daily half an hour walk for a small dog and around and hour for a big dog.


Is your little angel becoming more of a little devil?

It is a well-known fact that dogs take a lot more work to look after than cats do. This is because our dogs are a lot less independent than a cat for example. A dog will only ever want to make you happy but they can find it hard to express their needs and we aren’t animal whisperers!

If a dog is under-exercised it can take a toll on their mental and physical health and they will make this known, usually through a bit of a tantrum, almost like having a very fluffy toddler. You may see it as a stress to clean up rubbish and fix damaged furniture but you need to ask yourself why, maybe little Freddie just wants to have a good run in the great outdoors? No one likes to be trapped inside all day, after all!


Are you finding it hard to get a moments peace?

It can be all too familiar to be woken up to the sound of your dog wanting their breakfast and a morning fuss, our energy efficient alarm clocks. But is your little angel becoming a bit hard to handle? Are you finding it hard to settle them down for bed? Or maybe they look like they are practising to run the London Marathon in your living room. If your dog is way more energetic than usual, maybe it’s time to take them to the field and let them have some much-needed running sessions. A worn-out dog is a well-behaved dog!


Are you looking after the next Houdini?

Sometimes, dogs want to go outside so bad that they will make every attempt to get there. Really at this point they may have given up on asking for walkies, maybe their lead is getting a bit dusty? But they haven’t given up on their desire to chase some birds and stretch those little legs, this can be very dangerous if your dog escapes. So, if they seem to be lurching for the front door every time it’s opened, maybe dust off that lead and go on an energising stroll.


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