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4 Gourmet Cat Foods for Posh & Fussy Kitties

There is nothing more stressful and not to mention frustrating than finding the right food for your precious kitten, especially if your kitten has developed a fussy appetite. Maybe Mittens knows that she is a princess and won't expect anything less!

With so many things to take into consideration when selecting the right food such as weight, age, health along with a list of other factors. Oh and not to forget that there are about a million brands who claim to be the best choice for your kitten, it can leave you lost for choice. After all you just want what is best for your fur baby.

Don't worry, we've picked out some pawsome posh cat foods that will hopefully prove to be suitable for your prince or princess.

For The Health Conscious: Natures Menu

What is better than a fresh, wholesome, meal? offers just that; it's made with natural raw ingredients and packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals. It may be the closest Mittens can get to hunting in the wild, without leaving the kitchen. So whilst Mittens is getting excited by her dinner, you can thrive in confidence that you are putting nothing but good energy into your angel.

For The Sensitive Tums: Royal Canin

is a brand that is trusted by Vets and families across the nation. They provide good quality, tasty food that will not only fill those never empty tummies but will also look after their health and wellbeing. We have options for those with sensitive tummies, to support urinary tract health and because no two breeds are the same, they also offer breed specific food choices.

For The Foodies: Applaws

Let’s be honest, cat food has never looked, or smelt so appetising. Those dry biscuits or cans that contain more jelly than meat; it’s no wonder Mittens is turning her nose up. has taken the basic everyday mealtime and turned it into a feast for all felines. From chicken and pumpkin pouches, to selection boxes containing only the best flavors. With so much selection and much more, the only question remaining is, what are you going to give Mittens for dinner tonight?

For The House Cat: James Wellbeloved

provides a yummy selection of options for your fussy kitten and caters to kitties of all ages. What makes this brand really stand out is their ‘housecat’ product, something that you don’t often see on the market! If your cat prefers to stay indoors rather than venture out into the great outdoors, then this is the perfect option. It helps maintain their health and weight, leaving no cat behind!

So no matter what brand you decide to bring into your beloved kitten’s life, you can rest assured that all of these options will result in a happy, healthy tummy for Mittens and you can rest easy knowing that you have conquered meal time. If only human food manufactures could put the same amount of love and effort in, right? Cats really are spoilt but they definitely deserve it!


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