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3 Heart-warming Tales About Stolen Dogs Who Somehow Made It Back Home

 The bringers of joy, excitement and companionship. The faithful dog is a staple in so many homes. But just as lovingly as they can be welcomed in, they can be savagely taken away from their families.

These 3 stories see sad the saddest of situation, but all with exceptional endings about how sometimes, even the tiniest of pup can make it make home from an incredible journey.



Anna Baily and Nina, the Lurcher

Originally a rescue dog before being adopted by her pawsome owner Anna in 2013, Nina’s luck was set to change. Unfortunately, luck turned into despair when one day in July 2016, Nina was cruelly seen being driven away in the back of her dogwalkers stolen van.

Anna did all she could to help find Nina and the DogLost organisation couldn’t have been more supportive. She even went as far as barbecuing sausages outside parks in the hope that the smell would lure the lurcher back in but all she managed to draw in were the local neighbourhood foxes.

About 4 months later, Nina cropped up on a Facebook account being advertised to dealers and sporting sad eyes and a skinny frame, and Anna decided enough was enough. Despite Police warnings not to get involved, she messaged the dealer and offered £1000 to get Nina home. After an agonising wait at a service station, Nina emerged and came bounding into Anna’s boot.

Skeletal and smelly, Nina was in a bad way, but one look of love from her faithful hooman (along with a cheesy treat) meant she was able to rest her wagging tail and start the journey back to full health.


Brian Berry and Molly, the Jack Russell

Life was running smoothly for Brian Berry, a mobile mechanic from Houghton, and his faithful canine companion; Molly until one fateful day in 2008 when she was sadly stolen along with her four-day old litter of pups.

Brian and Molly spent much-needed pet/owner time together each day at Brian’s place of work. On the fateful day, Brian turned went over to Molly’s kennel but found that both her and the four day old puppies had gone. Brian suffers with a heart condition and said the the shock nearly knocked the breath out of him. Talk about a broken heart.

Brian searched tirelessly to find his companion but to no avail and as the years went by, so did Brian’s efforts as he realised Molly would never set paw back home again. But on the 5th August 2015, Brian received a call from Wakefield police to let him know Molly has been found. Brian thought they were barking mad.

Sadly, the puppies were never found but Brian and his wife drove the 190 mile journey to Rugby to retrieve his old pal, and it was all down to Molly’s microchip. Thanks to this, Brian now has his best friend back.


Stephanie Scott and Barney, the Golden Retriever

13-week old Barney was cruelly snatched away from his home in Chichester, on 23rd March 2017 during a burglary, which also saw the owner's car set alight.

Fearing the worst, a distraught Stephanie feared the worst - that she would never hear the pitter-patter of Barney’s paws ever again.

Lucky did they know that little Barney was all set to come bounding back into their lives just two days later. Not much detail surrounds his return but it’s safe to say after a good bath and some much needed TLC, this resilient little pup would be okay.

It just goes to show what could happen as long as you don’t stop retrieving.


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