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25 Signs You Love Your Cat Too Much

We all love our cats, but sometimes that love can go a  bit too far. It’s hard not to pamper your cat and give them plenty of privileges. are loving companions who have a big impact on our lives, so it’s only fair that we treat them as one of our own.

It’s fair enough to give them a treat once in a while and maybe even worship the ground they walk on, but how far is too far? The chances are if you have done 80% of the following things then you probably love your cat just a little bit too much...but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!


  1. You have your cat on your lap for over 50% of the day
  1. You look after your cat better than you look after yourself
  1. When your cat brings you home a present (such as a dead rat) you can’t help but feel proud
  1. You get separation anxiety
  1. When your cat coughs up a hairball you think it’s cute
  1. Your cat always sleeps in your bed
  1. You get jealous when they give someone else attention
  1. Even though it’s a little sore you don’t mind your scratches
  1. You donate your sofa to your cat as a
  1. You feed your cat gourmet and sometimes cook them homemade gourmet meals
  1. You have daily conversations with your cat
  1. They get in your way all the time and you don’t stop them
  1. You have taken pampering too far
  1. You refuse to speak to dog people
  1. 99% of the pictures on your phone are of your cat
  1. You take a selfie with your cat daily
  1. You constantly send people pictures of your cat
  1. You have created a Facebook account for your cat
  1. You prefer shopping for your cat than for yourself
  1. You have ordered clothing and accessories with your cat’s face on
  1. Most of the time you prefer to stay in with your cat than go out with your friends
  1. Your cat takes your seat and you don’t mind
  1. You won’t date someone unless your cat approves
  1. You consider your cat as your child
  1. You throw your cat annual birthday parties




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