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25 Annoying Things That Cats Do

We all absolutely adore our cats. In fact, we love them so much that we are often happy to let them get away with quite a lot. Many cats have very specific annoying habits that can be really frustrating.

Cats are very smart animals and they certainly know how to make things go their way. It is difficult to understand why cats do certain things, but they definitely do not fail to be entertaining. If you are a cat lover then you will be able to relate to some of the following annoying habits and behaviours.


1. Scratch you for no reason


2. Chasing the cursor around the computer screen


3. Pouncing on you when you are asleep


4. Follow you around 24/7


5. Meowing in the night


6. Tormenting the dog


7. Distract you from working


8. Playing with toys early in the morning


9. Not take no for an answer


10. Bringing dead animals inside


11. Breaking things, especially plants


12. Request belly rubs, but only three


13. Following you into the toilet


14. Annoy you while you are trying to eat


15. Hide in really awkward places


16. Sit in your favourite chair


17. Winding in and out of your legs when you are trying to walk


18. Knocking stuff over on purpose


19. Scratching furniture


20. Going to the toilet in the house (not in litter tray)


21. Sleeping on your bed


22. Searching for meat in the rubbish bins


23. Being able to detect people that don’t like cats, smothering them with love


24. Digging their claws into you, pretending they don’t know how painful it is


25. Chasing everything that moves



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