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20 Things To Know Before Dating A Cat Owner

There are some things you need to be aware of before you think about dating a cat owner. Cat owners are very proud of their cats and are looking for a companion who will love and appreciate their cat as much as they do.

If you hate cats, it’s probably not worth dating a cat owners because they will be hurt if you turn your nose up at their beloved pet. Here are 20 things you should know before you date someone who is crazy about their cat.

  1. If the cat doesn’t like you, you will be dumped instantly
  1. If you don’t like the cat, you will be dumped instantly
  1. The cat has prime position on the sofa, this is non-negotiable
  1. You have to accept being scratched on a daily basis
  1. The cat will get more presents than you
  1. They will figure out whether or not you are truly allergic to cats
  1. If you are a dog person your chances of success are slim
  1. The cat isn’t the one that’s replaceable, you are
  1. Cat owners tend to be more independent
  1. You cannot say anything remotely negative about the cat
  1. If you have a disagreement with the cat, they will always side with the cat
  1. The cat can do no wrong
  1. Be prepared for constant photos and selfies with the cat
  1. Always say how cute/adorable/stunning the cat is
  1. You will constantly be finding cat hairs on your clothes
  1. You will be expected to play with the cat when you visit
  1. If you can’t make the cat purr then they clearly don’t adore you
  1. Never question how much money is spent on the cat, they deserve it - end of discussion
  1. Some dates may be cancelled as they would prefer to stay in with their cat
  1. They will probably have more conversations with their cat than they do with you


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