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18 Things Dogs Probably Think On A Daily Basis

We would all like to get inside our dog’s head and know what they are thinking. Sometimes they stare at us and we feel as though they understand what we are saying. They do to a certain extent, dogs learn different commands and can pick up on our body language and facial expressions. However, it’s unlikely that we will ever truly know what goes on in their heads. Although we can make educated guesses as to what they may or may not be thinking.

Here are 18 things dogs probably think of a daily basis…


  1.       Where did my owner go and when are they coming back?
  1.       When will I get to go on my walkies?
  1.       I want food, give me more food, I love treats, if I make this cute face I know you will probably give me more treats.
  1.       I need to go to the toilet but I must hold it in until I can go outside.
  1.       When can I go and see my doggy friends at the park?
  1.       Why does the cat across the street tease me so much? I want to chase it so bad.
  1.       When can I go in the garden and sniff stuff?
  1.       I am going to chase that thing that moves in the sky (bird) even though I probably won’t ever catch one.
  1.       Chewing on my bone is the most satisfying feeling.
  1.   Why doesn’t my owner play with me all day long?
  1.   When I am bored of playing and sniffing and wandering round the house I must nap.
  1.   When my owner is in the kitchen making food I will hang around in case they drop something, they always drop something.
  1.   Belly rubs are the best thing ever.
  1.   I will get on the sofa when my owner isn’t looking, it’s so darn comfy.
  1.   I wish I could scratch that annoying itch with my paw but I can’t quite reach it.
  1.   Where can I find some fox poo, I must roll in fox poo and cover myself in it. It smells glorious.
  1.   Remember to stay well clear of the bathroom in case my owner tries to wash me with that scary water stuff.
  1.  I don’t know why exactly but I realllllyyyy hate that human that puts stuff through the door every day. I must bark at him/her.


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