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17 Things Dogs Do In The Summer

Dogs display a range of behaviours in the summer that you don’t necessarily see all year round. Most of the things they do are in an effort to keep cool, but they can be very entertaining. Summer is lovely time for both dogs and their owners, but it’s important to stay safe in the sun. Over the next few months you will probably see your dog do some of the following things.

Here are 17 things that dogs do in the summer time:

  1. Roll in wet, muddy puddles to cool off
  1. Pant a lot
  1. Dig holes and sit in them to cool off
  1. Chase after bees (not advised)/butterflies/flies
  1. Sit in the sun too long
  1. Jump in lakes, paddles pools, the sea to cool off
  1. Swim because the sea/lake/river water is warm enough in the summer
  1. Ruin flowers in the garden by trampling on them
  1. Drink huge amounts of water after walks
  1. Get tired more easily on walks, the heat drains their energy
  1. Stick their heads out the car window (not advised)
  1. Drewl more
  1. Roll on the floor to cool off
  1. Enjoy playing in paddling pools
  1. Chase after and try and eat the water from the hos
  1. Some dogs like to lay in the sun and sun bathe (but they don’t always know when to stop so make sure they don’t overheat)
  1. Have lots of fun at the beach digging holes and paddling in the sea


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