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15 Cute Dog Tricks To Impress Your Friends

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Want to impress your friends by teaching your dog some super cute tricks? Dogs love to learn new tricks and they really do benefit from the mental stimulation and fun it provides. Some dog tricks can also be good exercise for your dog. It’s important to teach your dog some commands for safety reasons such as sit, stay and come. However, there are thousands of other tricks you can teach your dog other than the usual 3 or 4 everyone teaches their dog. Here are 15 cute dog tricks to teach your dog that are guaranteed to impress your friend.

1. Roll Over

Get your dog to roll over onto their back and then onto their front again.

2. Kiss

This trick is always going to have the cute factor. You can get your dog to lick you or an object and name this action ‘kiss’. Your friends will think it’s adorable.

3. Play Dead

This is where you say ‘play dead’ and your dog drops to the floor and pretends to be dead. If you want to really show off then you can get your dog to react to you saying ‘bang’ as if you are shooting at them.

4. Skateboarding

There are hundreds of cute videos of skateboarding dogs, it really does look adorable.

5. Touch

You can teach your dog to touch anything, whether that’s a door, a marker or your hand. It’s an impressive trick that is also quite handy.

6. Spin

This is where your dog follows their tail and spins in a circle.

7. Basketball

Get your dog to pick up a basketball and then put it into a basketball hoop. You will need to buy a very small hoop so that the dog can reach it.

8. Beg

Begging is where your dog sits on their back legs and uses their front paws to look like they are begging. It’s a very cute trick that your friends will love.

9. Speak

You can get your dog to bark on command by teaching them to ‘speak’. However, make sure you also teach a quiet command as teaching them to speak may make them bark too much. They need to learn to do it only when you give the command, not all the time!

10. Dancing

There have been lots of dancing dogs on TV shows recently such as Britain’s Got Talent. This is sometimes called heelwork to music where your dog learns different dance steps and tricks and puts it all into a routine.

11. Yawn

Dogs will naturally yawn and so you might be able to capture their behaviour. When they yawn start giving them a treat, then begin saying ‘yawn’ when they do it and follow up with a treat.

12. Crawl

Get your dog to crawl along the floor rather than walk.

13. High Five

High fives always look really cute. Teach them to tap your hand with their paw when you put it up in the high five position.

14. Take A Bow

Teaching your dog to take a bow on command looks really smart and impressive.

15. Under The Bridge

This trick involves getting your dog to walk or run in between your legs like running under a bridge.


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