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13 Ways Dogs Enhance Our Lives

If you have owned a dog, you will know that having a pooch around enhances your life in many ways. There’s so much more to having a dog than just dog walks and cuddles in the sofa. Often many of us don’t stop to think just how much of an impact on our daily life Fido has.

Dogs are pretty darn amazing animals, and they have formed a tight bond with humans over the years. They have helped us in incredible ways and shown incredible bravery, dedication, loyalty and love. Here’s 13 ways that dogs enhance our lives.

  1. They make us laugh

First and foremost, dogs make us laugh. Every single day they somehow find a way to put a smile on our faces. Whether it’s because they have a cheeky side, perform impressive tricks or just do plain stupid things, sometimes it’s hard not to laugh at your dog, even if you’re feeling down.

Through their entertaining antics, they bring families together, cheer people up and make people’s homes a fun place to be. There;s nothing better than coming home to a doggy welcome after a long day at work.

  1. They test us

Dogs test us in many ways. Fido isn’t always on his best behaviour, which means there’s often challenges to overcome. But it’s all worth it in the end and we grow as people. Some dogs might have a particular issue, and it just takes time and patience from the owner to help them to improve.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you have a breakthrough with a dog, and you see them grow, improve and turn into a well mannered pooch. There’s plenty of highs when you own a dog, but also some lows too (like when they poop on the carpet, run off, or chew the furniture). Learning how to manage these lows and overcome them is a good test for us humans.

  1. They keep us fit

The amount of exercise you have to do will depend on the breed of dog you have. But most owners end up having to go on at least one decent length walk a day. Having a dog means that no matter what, you have to get out the house every day to take them for a walk.

Although to some people it might sometimes feel like a bit of a chore, walking every day is good for you. There’s also studies that have shown people who own dogs actually live longer, which is probably partly to do with the fact that owning a dog keeps us fit.

  1. They help the lows

Studies have also shown that dogs can help with depression and anxiety. Simply stroking a dog releases endorphins which makes you feel more relaxed and happier. When our lives hit a low point, our dogs are always there to make things a little more bearable. Whether it’s a subtle paw to say ‘I’m here’ or soppy doggy cuddles when you are feeling down, having a dog around really helps. Plus, dogs are very in tune with our emotions and seem to know when we are upset, and will often come up to us and lick our faces or sit on our lap.

  1. They force us to explore the great outdoors

Not only does owning a dog force you to do daily exercise, but it encourages you to get out and about, and explore the great outdoors. Going on the same walk every single day can get boring for you and your dog, so we look for new and interesting places to go walking. Just think of some of the dog walks you have been on in beautiful places that you wouldn’t have otherwise gone to.

  1. They teach us life lessons

You may not realise it, but having a dog teaches us life lessons. Dogs teach us to be kind, patient and dedicated to something that’s important to us. Having a dog teaches kids lots of things, like how to treat animals properly, how to care for something and how to be responsible. We learn so much about ourselves just by having Fido around to love us, test us and look after us.

  1. They give us unconditional love

Dogs give us their unconditional (aside from demanding food and walkies and the occasional treat) love. They don’t ask for anything in return, only to have a place in our hearts and in our families. The love you get from a pooch is simply amazing, and it certainly changes our lives for the better. It’s a lovely feeling having a canine companion that clearly adores you.

  1. They teach us responsibility

Owning a dog isn’t always easy. Taking on a pooch is an enormous commitment which lasts for a big chunk of our lives. In order to care for a dog properly you have to be responsible. You have to make sure you meet their needs on a daily basis, and keep them fit, healthy and happy. Owning a dog can often be compared to having children, because they rely on us for absolutely everything. It’s beneficial to us humans to learn that kind of responsibility and care for something we love.

  1. They keep us going

When everything seems to be falling apart, dogs keep us going. They help us to maintain some sort of routine, even if it is just going to the shop to fetch some dog food or talking them out on a daily walk. When times are tough, we still have to care for our dogs, and that can sometimes help us to stay stronger, even if it’s simply to keep Fido happy and healthy.

  1. They become part of our family

Another way that dogs enhance our lives is by becoming a fully fledged member of our family. Canines are a brilliant addition to any home and make our families feel complete. Most dog owners will say their home simply feels empty without a dog, and that’s because they are a huge part of our family. They are there for major family milestones, and they make great companions for kids.

  1. They create memories

Take a moment to think about some memories you have shared with your dog. You can probably come up with some funny scenarios, adorable moments or special times. Now think of some of your most important personal memories, and your dog was probably around for a lot of them. Dogs enhance our lives by giving us a handful of memories to cherish forever.

  1. They give us a purpose

Having a dog gives you a purpose in life. No matter what’s going on in our lives, we still have to take care of our dogs and have a job to do. This helps keep us motivated and give our lives a strong sense of purpose, despite what may be going on in the background.

  1. They provide companionship

Dogs are, quite simply our best friends. When no one else is around or there for us, our pooches are always sitting there quietly. They go with us everywhere and provide ongoing friendship, love and companionship.


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