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12 Signs You Probably Own A Cat

It’s easy to spot a cat owner when you see one. You may not know for sure whether someone has a cat, but there are definitely things they do that suggest they do have a feline companion at home. Cat owners get into certain habits and obviously aren’t afraid to show off their love for their pets.  Here are 12 signs you probably own a cat:


  • You constantly have cat hair all over your clothes


You don’t really notice the hairs anymore, but everyone else does.


  • Your sofa is covered in scratches


Your sofa is torn and damaged because your cat uses it as a scratching post.


  • You are covered in scratches


It’s just part of owning a cat.


  • You permanently have cat treats in your pockets


You keep finding cat treats in the pockets of all your clothes, in your bags and all over your house.


  • You constantly share photos and videos of cats on social media


There is nothing you love doing more than watching hilarious cat videos all day long.


  • You own several cat themed items of clothing


Cat t-shirts, cat jumpers, cat wellies, cat shoes and accessories decorated with cats, you have it all.


  • You drink from a mug with a cat on it at work


You are very proud of your cat mug and it’s the only mug you will use at the office.


  • You keep tripping over cat toys around your house


There are so many cat toys left lying around your house that you are always tripping over them.


  • You own numerous cat ornaments


Your house is decorated with a number of different cat ornaments.


  • You have broken plant pots all around your home


A clear sign that a cat has been around. You decide it’s not worth buying plant pots anymore.


  • You leave cardboard boxes all around your home for your cat to play with


You could start a recycling centre with all the cardboard you have dotted around your home. Your cat just loves playing in cardboard boxes.


  • Your clothes always smell like cat, even after being washed


No matter how many times you wash your clothes they still have a faint smell of cat.


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