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12 Signs You Need A Dog In Your Life

Sometimes, we want a dog but for some reason or another, we haven’t got one yet. You could be in denial, thinking you aren't really dog obsessed when you are. Deep down you know that you would be much better off with a dog. You definitely shouldn’t get a dog if you aren’t in a position to care for one properly. However, if you have the time, money and space, what’s stopping you?

Here are 12 signs you definitely need to own a dog instead of borrowing everyone else's.


  • Your house feels a bit empty


When you come home your house feels a little bit cold and empty. Every time you walk through the front door you imagine how lovely it would be to be greeted by a dog that adores you.


  • You have too much time on your hands


You have to think of things to do in your spare time but you mostly sit there twiddling your thumbs thinking about what type of dog you would get.


  • You daydream about getting a dog every day


Most likely more than three or four times a day.


  • You spend a lot of time looking at adorable dog pictures and videos


You are addicted to #dogsofinstagram and you can’t stop watching cute YouTube videos of dogs.


  • You get excited when you see dogs in public


You are the crazy dog person that constantly goes up to strangers and asks them if you can stroke their dog.


  • Every person you speak to you explain how much you want a dog


You think that by telling everyone how much you want a dog it might actually happen some day.


  • It feels like something is missing in your life (obviously a dog)


There is a gaping hole in your life and it can only be filled with a canine companion.


  • You visit dog rescue centres just for fun (wishing you could take a dog home


It’s torture because you see all the dogs in need and want to take every one of them home, but you can’t.


  • You have thought about becoming a dog walker, you would even walk dogs for free


It’s the perfect job for you. Who wouldn’t want to walk dogs for a living? You don’t own one but when you walk other people’s dogs you can pretend you do.


  • You take pictures of every dog you see


You take sneaky snaps of dogs when their owners aren’t looking.


  • You already have a list of potential names for your dog


You have saved a list of names you like on your phone in case one day you get a dog.


  • When you meet a dog owner you pretend you have a dog


You want to feel part of the club so you talk about an imaginary dog with fellow dog owners.


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