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11 Things That Dogs Do That Make Our Hearts Melt

11 Things That Dogs Do That Make Our Hearts Melt

Dogs are pretty awesome, and often do things that are totally adorable. Sometimes, your dog will do something and for a moment, it feels like they have melted your heart. Even after a really bad day, somehow our dogs are able to cheer us up and just be there.

There’s many reasons why dogs have earned their well deserved title of man’s best friend. They can be completely adorable and do things that put a smile on our face. Here’s 11 things that dogs do that make our hearts melt.


Rest their heads on us


When you are sitting on the sofa watching TV and your dog comes up to you and rests their head in your lap. We then can’t resist stroking them and giving them some love.

Roll on their back for tummy rubs


Some dogs literally collapse onto their backs and stick their tummy in the air because they want belly rubs. Who knows why dogs adore having their stomach stroked so much. They look so cute when they roll on their back and present their tummies to us.

Whine when they are upset or want attention


If dogs whine for attention, it’s clearly not good behaviour, because our dogs are tugging on our heart strings just to get attention. When dogs whine because they are upset, stressed or in pain it can be heartbreaking. Some dogs make the cutest whining sound that is impossible to ignore.

Make their beds


Not all dogs do this, but a select few dogs feel the need to ‘make’ their bed. They aren’t happy with a comfy bed, a blanket and maybe some pillows. They start arranging their bed by moving it around with their paws so that they can be as comfy as possible. It’s very endearing to watch.

Perform super cute tricks


Dogs can perform some mind blowing tricks, and also some tricks that their owners teach them purely for the cute factor. No one can resist a compilation of cute dog tricks on YouTube.

Give us the best welcome home ever


It’s an amazing feeling when you come home to your dog and they are ridiculously excited to see you. It makes coming home everyday worthwhile and having a dog at home gives you something to look forward to.

Notice when we are upset


When you are crying your eyes out, or just feeling a little bit down and your dog seems to notice your heart definitely melts a little. Especially when they come up to you and offer you comfort and cuddles.

Give us ‘kisses’


Although slightly unhygienic, it’s still sweet when your dog comes up to you and gives you a kiss/lick.

Wag their tails


You just can’t help but love dogs with super waggy tails, because it always seems like they are happy. When your dog wags their tail in excitement it makes you feel good too.

Protect us from danger


When we are under threat or in danger and our dog saves the day it’s the most amazing feeling.

Puppy dog eyes


It’s hard to resist the infamous puppy dog eyes. When your dog puts on their best cute face, even when they have been naughty, all you want to do is scoop them up and give them a big cuddle.


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