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11 Signs You Prefer Spending Time With Dogs Over People

Are you convinced that you prefer spending time with dogs over people? Of course it’s important to socialise with our own species, but some people just naturally gravitate towards dogs.

If you are a serious dog lover your idea of heaven is probably being surrounded by about 20 dogs. Whereas if you were surrounded by 20 people you might start to panic. There’s no reasons to be concerned, a lot of people will ditch humans in favour of being with their best friend. Here are 11 signs you probably prefer spending time with dogs over people.

  1. You turn down friends in favour of spending time with your dog

You make up perfectly acceptable excuses when your friends ask you out because all you want to do is be at home with your pooch. Sitting on the sofa with ice cream, a movie and your dog is a far better plan than having to leave the house.

  1. Your partner gets jealous of the attention you give your dog

Has it got to the point where your partner is seriously getting annoyed with the amount of love and attention you give the dog? You tell them you are sorry but you know you won’t be able to change. You can only be with a partner that accepts your obsession with dogs and knows they may sometimes be second best.

  1. You talk to your dog more than you talk to people

Trying to talk to a stranger is pretty much impossible, you just can’t seem to find the words. Talking to your dog on the other hand comes naturally to you. You don’t even realise you are doing it or that your dog has no idea what you are saying. Talking to your dog in a silly voice just makes you happy.

  1. You would rather watch a movie with your dog because they won’t interrupt by talking

Ughh humans are so darn annoying when you are trying to watch a film. They feel the need to talk and distract you whereas your canine companion will just snuggle up next to you on the sofa.

  1. When you go to the dog park you only want to make friends with dogs, not their owners

Who cares about the know it all dog owners in the dog park. You aren’t there to make friends, you just want to meet as many cool dogs as possible. You will engage in conversation with fellow dog owners, but only if the subject is dogs. As soon as a human related topic of conversation is mentioned you move on to the next dog in the park.

  1. Sometimes you want cuddles from your dog rather than a human

Dog cuddles are the best. When you feel a bit low a cuddle from your dog can instantly give you a boost. Sometimes you just want to cuddle your dog rather than a person, because your dog doesn’t expect anything back. Dog cuddles are glorious and simple.

  1. You spend more time looking after your dog then you do your partner

You feed your dog before you and your partner. Your dog has the best spot on the sofa/bed/chair. You take your dog to the vet before you sort your own health problems out. The list goes on...

  1. You share your bed with one human and one dog

Who cares if it means you give your partner less cuddles in bed. Your dog sleeps in the bed end of story.

  1. You invite your friends round your house instead of going to theirs so you can spend more time with your dog (and show your friends how cute your dog is)

See the problem with going to your friends house is, your dog won’t be there. Where’s the fun in that? You always drag your friends round to your house so you can be with your dog for longer. Plus when your friends all say your dog is cute it makes you feel really proud.

  1. Walking your dog is hands down the best part of your day

Nothing beats that one on one time you spend with your dog when you are walking them. No distractions, just you and your dog in the great outdoors. Even when you can’t be bothered you always end up feeling super refreshed after a walk with your dog.

  1. You tell your dog all your secrets but you won’t open up to people

Sometimes you whisper secrets to your dog that you would never, ever say to a human being. You know your dog won’t tell a soul and it’s good to get your secrets off your chest.


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