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10 Ways To Exercise Your Dog

Exercising your dog doesn’t just mean taking them on daily walks. There are so many additional ways to give your dog the exercise it needs. You can do lots of things that are fun for both you and your best friend. It will also increase the bond you have and keep your dog healthy at the same time. If you are stuck for ideas and can’t think of ways to get rid of all that energy your dog has, here are a few suggestions.

 1. Playing With Toys

If your dog loves to play and is motivated by toys then this is an excellent way for them to burn some energy. Playing games such as tug of war and hide and seek will tire your dog out. Some dogs are happy to play for hours on end if they have the right toys. Try some interactive games with treats and they will also benefit from the mental stimulation.

2. Playing With Other Dogs

This is probably one of the best ways to give your dog exercise, although not all dogs are interested in playing with other dogs. If your dog enjoys play time with their friends that make time for them to do this. Try and meet up with friends who have dogs you know your dog loves to play with. Give your dog enough time off the lead to mess around with their canine pals. Dogs can use up so much energy just from 20 minutes of play.

 3. Fetch

Fetch is a classic game to play with your dog, and one a lot of dog owner’s choose to do because it is a brilliant form of exercise. Your dog gets to sprint after their favourite ball and spend some quality time with you at the park. It won’t take too many throws before they start feeling tired. Use a special ball launcher if you want to throw the ball really far. Or try a high bounce sports ball if you have a particularly energetic dog 

 4. Bike Rides

If it is safe to do so you can ride with your dog alongside your bike, do not do this near roads. The best way to go on a bike ride is in the woods or countryside where your dog can run free and follow you.

 5. Running Together

If you enjoy running then don’t forget to take your best friend with you. You can both exercise at the same time, and some breeds of dogs make great running partners. Its much better running with a dog than running alone and your dog will love you for it. Some breeds can’t go through such rigorous exercise though so do take your dog’s breed, health and age into consideration.

 6. Agility

Agility is a fun activity that you and your dog can both take part in. Book your dog into some agility classes and experience it for yourself. Agility is really good for your dog and it provides both exercise and mental stimulation. It’s also brilliant for training and increasing your dog/owner bond.

 7. Flyball

Flyball is another activity that you can take your dog to. This activity involved your dog races against other dogs over hurdles to retrieve a ball. It’s an exciting and thrilling sport which lots of dogs really enjoy. You can watch flyball at some of the major dog shows across the country.

 8. Days Out

Going on a day out with the family? If it’s possible then try and take your dog with you. They can walk around with your and enjoy the great outdoors. You can take them on a walk during your day out and have some quality family time together.

9. Swimming

Not all dogs are crazy about swimming, but for those that are it can be a highly beneficial form of exercise. If your dog has any injuries, muscle or joint problems then hydrotherapy can really help. Dogs get tired quite easily from swimming as it gives them a very thorough full body workout. If you don’t have access to a pool then take your dog to a local lake or the seaside.

 10. Heel Work To Music

Heelwork to music is becoming very popular with a lot of dog owners. This is where your dog learns movements and steps to music. It is a fun form of exercise that involves both of you working as a team.


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