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10 Ways Dogs Can Help You Get Through Tough Times

Dogs can be fantastic when people are experiencing difficult times. It’s reassuring to have a dog around to cheer you up and make you feel just a little bit better. seem to be able to sense when we are feeling down and pick up on our moods. They may show this in their body language but they won’t expect anything from you. You know when you are with them you are safe and you don’t have to pretend to be anything you are not.

If you are feeling low and you have a dog then take a moment to think about how much they enhance your life. Here are ten ways that dogs can help to get you through the darkest times.


  1. There for you no matter what

Your dog will be there waiting when you get home. They will not let you down (unless they do something naughty, which is a good distraction anyway) and they are a constant thing in your life.


  1. Give you a purpose

makes you feel like you have a purpose because you have to take care of them. It doesn’t matter how bad you are feeling your dog still needs to look after and you still have a duty to provide for them. Caring for your dog helps you to keep some sort of routine even if thes rest of your life isn’t going so well. You get up, you feed them and take them for a walk everyday


  1. Get you out of the house

Sometimes when people get depressed or a going through a difficult time leaving the house is a difficult challenge. You don’t want to go out or see anyone, but you still need to walk the dog. This gets you out of the house come rain or shine. A little fresh air and exercise won’t do you any harm.


  1. They give cuddles and affection

Canine cuddles are the best, especially when you are at your lowest point. You can cuddle them and they will not ask anything of you. Their affection will instantly make you feel just a little bit better.


  1. They keep you social

During the difficult times in our life we tend to hide away. The last thing you want when you are feeling upset is to have to go to social events. You may hide from the world for most of the day but when you walk your dog you might just have a brief conversation with a fellow dog walker.


  1. They help you to relax

It has been proven stroking a pet such as dog can help you to relax. Your blood pressure levels are lowered when you stroke your dog. When the world is weighing down on you the simple act of stroking your dog can help you to calm down and experience a peaceful moment.


  1. They give you unconditional love

Your dog will love to no matter what. They won’t judge you or love you any less because you are feeling down. They love you and expect nothing back (except food and walkies).


  1. They prevent loneliness

Having your dog around can give you company when you are feeling alone. Just having them there when you are going through tough times makes you feel better.


  1. They make you laugh

Dogs can be hilarious at times. Spend a few moments playing with your dog or watching them do funny things and you will instantly feel happier.


  1. They keep you healthy

Studies have shown that dog owners live longer. Having a dog will keep you active even when you are feeling down.


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