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10 Things Older Dogs Would Tell Younger Dogs If They Could

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="256"]Photo by Nancy Wong, 2010[/caption]Young pups often do very silly things, and they don’t always learn from their mistakes. As they get older, there are a few things that dogs might learn about life. It would be interesting if we knew what older dogs would tell young pups if they could.

Old dogs always seem pretty wise, and will often stare at crazy young pups with a look of disapproval. We have used our imagination and come up with ten things we think older dogs would tell younger dogs if they could.



  • Learn how to do puppy dog eyes perfectly, they work every time


By the time dogs reach old age, they must have used the puppy dog eyes technique 475893 times. What have the learn’t? It usually gets them what they want, so young pups should start perfecting their technique early on.



  • Be loyal to your owner


Most dogs are extremely loyal to their owner, and for being loyal all their life they are rewarded with love, food and shelter. Elderly dogs would probably want to remind younger dogs how important loyalty is.



  • Don’t bother running away, everything you need is back home


Ain’t no point in going on a two day adventure. It’s hard work and you have to find your own food. It may be fun for a few hours but then you will start to worry about where your owners are. Older dogs know it’s better to stay at home and get looked after.



  • Don’t run up to dogs on a lead


It takes some dogs a very long time to learn that it’s not a good idea to run up to dogs on a lead. They may not want to be approach and could be very grumpy. Older dogs would probably tell younger dogs this simple rule.



  • If another dog doesn’t want to play, take a hint


If you get a warning growl from another dog, chances are they probably don’t want to play. The more you annoy them the more likely you will get seriously told off. Older dogs would want to tell young pups to pick their play buddies wisely, and learn when enough is enough.



  • Eating everything in the rubbish bins never ends well


You may enjoy eating all those tasty treats hidden away in the rubbish bin, but it certainly won’t be worth the pain you suffer afterwards. There are some things that dogs just aren’t supposed to eat. Trips to the vet to remove lodged items are never fun.



  • Cats are always the boss, end of


Cats rule. Don’t try and challenge a cat, you will lose. For some reason they always get their way. This is just something young pups have to accept.



  • The postman isn’t actually that bad


When older dogs calm down and can’t be bothered to bark at the postman anymore they eventually realised that he/she isn’t that bad after all.



  • Being overweight is hard when you get old


Eating too many treats when you are young can have a big impact once you start to get older and your joints don’t work as well. It’s hard work and very uncomfortable being an elderly, overweight dog.



  • The vacuum cleaner is not a scary monster


It may look and sound terrifying, but it’s not a monster. You don’t have to bite it and bark at it. All you have to do is go in another room and nap while your owner uses the vacuum. Simple.


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