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10 Things Humans Can Learn From Cats

Cats are highly intelligent creatures. When it comes to living their life, they certain know a thing or two about how to live life to the full. If you own a cat then without even realising it, you have probably learn’t a lot from your cat. The way the approach things and their attitude towards life eventually begins to rub off on you. Cats can actually be very wise, and they tend to look at you as if they know better. Here are 10 things us humans can learn from our feline companions.


  • If you don’t want to do something, don’t

Most cats can be pretty stubborn. If they don’t want to do something, they won’t. Simple. Don’t force yourself to do things you really don’t want to do. Learn your limits and how to say no. You will get a lot more out of life and be much happier if you do.

  • Be patient

Cats can be extremely patient, especially when it comes to stalking and hunting prey. They will sit as still as a statue for as long as it takes, so that they can find exactly the right moment to pounce. Lots of humans could definitely do with learning some patience.

  • Don’t give out your trust too easily

Cats aren’t always very trusting of new people, and it can take a while to earn their trust. They know not to trust all humans and will take their time deciding if someone deserves to get their trust.

  • Family comes first

Remember that family comes before anything else. , especially wild ones will protect their family at all costs.

  • Be brave and courageous

Cats are fearless, often much more so than dogs. They are bold and brave and will put other animals in their place if they need to. We humans should try and be bold and courageous where possible.

  • Don’t be scared to give affection

A lot of humans don’t appreciate their partners or show affection as much as they should. Cats aren’t afraid to be loving and give their owners plenty of affection.

  • Chill out

One of the things cats are best at is chilling out. They certainly know how to take some time out and have a good nap. Our lives are so fast paced that sometimes we forget to take time to rest and switch off.

  • Choose your friends wisely

Cats can be very selective about the humans and animals they choose to befriend. They are often quite picky and will take a disliking to certain people or animals. We humans could learn from cats that’s it’s important to choose your friends wisely.

  • Live in the moment

We often get too carried away with life, worrying about everything and never really enjoying the here and now. Cats live in the moment and this is something humans should learn to do too, even if it’s only occasionally.

  • Be independent

Cats are independent creatures who are often perfectly happy out off on their own. They do their own thing and come home intermittently. It’s important not to rely on people too much and to learn to be independent, just like cats can be.


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